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The Obituaries Thread



It’s been an… interesting day in Northern Ireland. Personally I have many opposing thoughts about the passing of Martin Mcguinness, none of them I feel worthwhile sharing, whether positive or negative - I’d feel the same conflicted and mixed emotions with members of either side involved in the troubles.

However, I felt this was worth sharing…



Just found out my favourite Spaghetti Western actor has passed away. Milian was an immensely charismatic, idiosyncratic and mercurial performer, a magnetic presence on-screen. Always felt he never got the wider recognition his talent deserved.

I’d highly recommend the three Spaghetti Westerns he made with director Sergio Sollima - he’s hilarious as lovable rogue Cuchillo in The Big Gundown and its sequel Run, Man, Run, and excellent in the more serious role of a bandit discovering his conscience in Face To Face. He’s also great fun as a peasant-turned-revolutionary forced to team up with a Swedish gun-runner in Sergio Corbucci’s Companeros.


I remember reading it in the 80s.


That’s the book that led to a huge hole in my buddy Tim’s back yard, and the summer spent repairing it.

Black powder. Very effective!


Well this thread has taken a turn for the worrying!


An intelligent and eloquent activist.


He was on TV a lot when I was younger. He was angry quite often, but usually in an eloquent way.


The best way to be angry.


I really loved Gösta Ekman…



It seems that reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated,




Rickles. My mom and dad got engaged after one of his (very early) shows (when he had hair) (really).

One night I got to use Rickles’ season tickets to Dodger Stadium. They are/were right next to Vin Scully’s broadcast booth. Totally soundproof, mind, but I was an arm’s length away from the Mighty Vin (who I listened to in my ear with the damnedest time lag).

Somehow, Rickles was always somewhere on the horizon of my personal landscape. A good life, I think.


Bloody hell.


Don Rickles will always make me think of that weird Jack Kirby story involving him, in Jimmy Olsen.