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Found this while lurking on the Byrne Robotics forums:

For those who don’t feel like clicking on it, I’ll post the interesting part:

For fifty years, her closest friends were Joan and Stan Lee, who used Edith as an inspiration for the Fantastic Four’s Sue Richards.


For anyone who loves B Movies, or just ‘The Blob’;

Jack Harris, Producer of ‘The Blob,’ Dies at 98

Jack H. Harris, producer of films including the 1958 horror film “The Blob” and “The Eyes of Laura Mars,” died of natural causes Tuesday in Beverly Hills. He was 98.

Harris was born in Philadelphia and performed in vaudeville as a child with the Cliff Edwards Kiddie Revue. After serving in the army during WWII, he worked in publicity and distribution before becoming a producer.

Before “The Blob,” Harris acquired the rights to “Jamboree” from the Boy Scouts of America, travelling the country to promote the film. During the trip, Harris and a Boy Scout exec spent hours discussing the ingredients necessary for a successful film and hatching a plan for a horror film.

He collaborated with Valley Forge, a Pennsylvania religious film studio, to make “The Blob,” and cast a little-known 27-year old Steve McQueen in the role of a town teenager who fights the red blob of muck. Methodist minister Irving S. Yeaworth directed from an idea by Irvine Millgate. With special effects heavily relying on silicone and red dye, the film cost just $240,000 to make and is said to have grossed at least $4 million. It became a cult staple on countless TV showings and later on video.

He went on to produce “4-D Man” and “Dinosaurus.” Later productions included “Equinox,” “Beware the Blob,” and the 1987 remake of “The Blob.”


I heartily endorse this movie. It’s amazing in all the right wrong ways.



How many other rock and roll legends have reached the age of 90? Well done, Mr. Berry, sir.



Little Richard is still alive at 84. It’s pretty incredible Berry and Richard outlived all of the rock stars that they did.


It’s being reported (and it’s probably true) that Bernie Wrightson has died. RIP.


He suffered too much and died too soon. Rest In Peace, Bernie.




Lawrence Montaigne Dies: ‘Star Trek’ Vulcan Was 86


I’m hearing the Amok Time music in my head. Rest in peace sir.


As a New Yawker, reading Breslin’s columns in the NY Daily News was a highlight of my commute. His stories about mob boss Un Occhio, who lived in Harlem with his pet wolf, were simultaneously insightful and hilarious. He will be missed.



This one deserves a mention; he was a great philanthropist and part of a dynasty.