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The Obituaries Thread


If you haven’t seen it, I recommend a movie which Bill Paxton directed called Frailty.

Yeah, he was always good in anything I ever saw him in.



There’s an argument for Lance Henriksen claiming that too.


Okay then, Bill Paxton is the only actor to be killed on screen by an Alien, a Predator, a Terminator and the sun.

Oh no, wait… Dammit.


It’s streaming on Netflix UK, so I’m watching it right now.


I haven’t seen it since it originally came out, but I remember it being pretty good.


Paxton was always good value but his role as Private Hudson in Aliens was especially memorable (for obvious reasons).


Not the paxton!


Damn, Bill Paxton was awesome. Pretty underappreciated actor and from the sounds of it, a genuinely good dude. Very sad to hear he’s gone.



He was immortalised for many of us in Rain Man


Paxton’s TV series Training Day recently premiered. Gonna be some re-writing in a big hurry!









i remember watching Osbourne on The Movie Channel back in the 80s what he did on TCM. I really enjoyed him. He will be missed.


I really enjoyed Osborne. Bright guy, did a lot of good. Besides, his opinions usually agreed with mine!


I only know him from his cameo on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, in one of the best moments:

Edit: Huh, apparently trying to embed a FunnyOrDie clip makes the browser redirect to FunnyOrDie. That’s not good.