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Aw man, he wasn’t that old. And he was an absolute dude about accepting the rebooted BSG


That’s a shocking and huge loss. Total shame.


True, I liked his role in it as well.

Just saw a funny review of Hatch’s '83 movie PRISONERS OF THE LOST UNIVERSE about an electrician who’s transported to an alternate dimension and is somehow able to defeat trained swordsmen in battle.

Apparently, it was an elective at his vocational school or something. A hilariously bad movie that ages like gas station wine.


Okay, Eduardo! You scared the crap out of me with the Ron Moore headline! I get Hatch, very sad - he was good. But not top producer dude!

Delighted Professor Corey made it so long!


And he was fantastic in it…One might have expected his role to be a nod to the original BSG, but he went totally against type.


I only ever watched a fraction of his work, but he was good. Zarek was really strong role for him.


One of the all-time greats of comedy. There’s a lot of Galton & Simpson’s DNA in comedy being made today.


I love Galton and Simpson. Paul Merton remade some of the old Hancock stuff a number of years ago and it still held up really well.


I remember watching it. It was pretty good.


Hans Rosling died today, aged 68.


It seems like she had made some attempts to change her lifestyle in recent years. I will still always think of her as she was at the height of her fame in the 90s though.


I remember her being in the news all the time but I was never really sure why she was in the news. I think she might have been the first person who was famous for being famous, which is now fairly commonplace of course.



Internationally I’m sure that’s true, but he turned up everywhere. Another character actor who added a little magic to his roles.


Never Say Never Again is the only Bond film I haven’t seen. Is it worth watching?