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The Obituaries Thread


Let’s start this running: Fuck 2017.

And once more, Fuck Cancer.


He and I were not close, mostly playing as teens do (rampaging people’s back yards, picking locks, parkour without annoying climbing or jumping) at Tim’s house. My second family will get a hit, particularly Ludmila (Tim’s mom, my “second mom”), as that was the time she became preggers with Jennifer, so there’s likely a strong sentimental connection.

And Ben - absolutely.


I loved 'Allo 'Allo as a kid, even if I didn’t understand half the jokes back then. :slight_smile:


It still playing on screen in many countries around the world too.

I saw the live version that went on a theatrical tour, multi camera sitcom works very well as a stage event and they had some well timed farce.


Oh, I can imagine that being fun.

The hardest part for me to grasp as a kid was the accents. It took far too long for me to work out that English with a French accent meant they were speaking French, with a German accent meant they were speaking German, and so on…



Mary Tyler Moore was a true legend of American television, but I think her greatest acting performance was as the emotionally detached mother and wife in Ordinary People. She was also a forthright advocate for diabetes research. Rest In Peace.


Butch is also the uncle of Derek Trucks, the Tedesci Trucks Band. Connections everywhere in blues-rock and such. I also expect to hear from the Zac Brown Band, more blood connections there. He will be missed!



I just watched Jackie a few days ago. He was great in it.


Last I was with him was Snowpiercer IIRC, and he was great.



He’s pretty much great in everything. RIP Sir John.


I posted this to FB earlier:

“John Hurt was one of those actors who was always good no matter what he was in. My favorite role of his is one he delivered under I don’t know how many pounds of prosthetics. The prosthetics aren’t what made his performance as Joseph Merrick great, but they did allow him to hone in on what mattered most. The tragic circumstances of Merrick’s life were already apparent; Hurt focused instead on Merrick’s dignity.”

Accompanied by this picture:


Shit. John Hurt was magnificent.


Which seems to be the standard reaction to this thread.


Hurt never talked down to a role. I think it was clear sometimes (from interviews) that he was doing something that might not have been his first choice in other circumstances, but he never let that affect the quality of his work.

A total professional, in addition to being very talented.


Yeah, heard the news this morning about John Hurt.

It’ll give an added impact to the War Doctor series, as the last - and now it really is the last - of those is out in Feb.



Like you, I have been listening to and enjoying the War Doctor series. I knew that he had been ill, and I think that fans are lucky to have that little gap filled in. He is terrific in them as the world weary Doctor who isn’t the Doctor any more.

I know that he wasn’t a huge science fiction fan, but he committed totally to anything he was doing irrespective of whether it was Doctor Who or The Field or Elephant Man or whatever.

Edit: A link for anyone who isn’t aware of Big Finish Productions or their Doctor Who Audios.