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The Obituaries Thread



RIP Rodimus Prime


And Serpentor.





Retired NASA astronaut Gene Cernan dies at age 82



Oh God. Miguel was a childhood friend. I’m devastated!


Damn. He was one of the funniest and simultaneously life affirming parts of Twin Peaks.


This better not be goddam fake news!
This one I know is real:

I have not found confirmation anywhere else.


Wrong time, I guess?


Or deadline released a story prematurely. Let’s wait a bit.


Editor’s note: Shortly after the publication of this article, Miguel Ferrer was reported by Deadline to have passed away from cancer at age 61. A representative for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment confirmed the film has completed recording.


Damn. Variety confirms.

My best friends dad, Robert Gibbons, was on the road tour of Man of La Mancha (he played The Barber). Miguel (Mike) was around often. One result of that tour of Bob’s was the weekend home, the result of that my “Li’l sis” Jennifer, the fruit of that tour. Mike was always on my radar. Damn it.


I didn’t even know he was sick.


He was still filming NCIS, so he probably wasn’t that sick until very recently?

Peter David says Miguel O’Hara/Spidey 2099 was named after Ferrer:

Miguel was a friend. I met him through Bill Mumy and although I haven’t seen him in years, he was never far from my thoughts. I named Miguel O’Hara after him and still remember when my editor challenged me on the fact that his nickname was “Miggy,” declaring that it was not a nickname anyone used for Miguel. Which was hilarious since that was what we all called Miguel.


He became Miggy and I became Miqque. Miguel and Michael.
Go figure.


I am sorry to hear this. He was in some great movies over the years…Robocop is an undeniable classic.

I hope you’re holding up okay.


RIP Bob Morton.