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The Obituaries Thread


If you were going to take over eternity, could you think of a better point man than Lemmy?


Pour one out: The inventor of the red Solo cup has died



Tyrus Wong Dies: Artist Known For Inspiring Disney’s ‘Bambi’ Was 106


2016, you just HAD to take one more…


Aw man, I watched all of MAS*H again recently and Father Mulcahy was one of my favourite characters.



I haven’t seen any better tribute than George Michael’s own words, from a 2004 interview:


First celebrity death of 2017?


Fuck 2017.


Just wanted to remind everyone aobut this post I made in November, just in case any of you started the new year feeling optimistic or anything.


In case it wasn’t clear, my post was meant to be ironic. :slight_smile:

People will continue to die, of course, but hopefully we can use this thread to celebrate the good things about their lives as well as mourn their deaths.


On the other hand my post was not meant to be ironic. The endless slaughter will continue unabated. Get used to it chumps.

:wink: <<< ok, ok, I was being a bit ironic.


We have the truth that people that hit pop culture fame in the 1950s and 60s when TV and pop music exploded are reaching their 80s and 90s. John Berger above was 90 years old.

2016 did have quite a few notable deaths below the average life expectancy including Prince, George Michael, Alan Rickman, David Bowie and Carrie Fisher (and Victoria Wood and Caroline Ahearne for the Brits). Hopefully we can avoid those in 2017.


The BBC’s Arts editor yesterday (no, no, he’s not dead, he’s just talking about it):

I was not entirely awake on Monday 11 January 2016 when my phone rang around 6.55am. It was a producer at the Today programme.

Had I heard the news, he asked? M…maybe - I hedged. What news? David Bowie is dead, he said.

Oh no! Oh no for lots of reasons. Firstly, it was awful news. I loved David Bowie; couldn’t imagine him dead. He was still making great records. He wasn’t particularly old, and now - well - he was no longer here.

And then, oh no - I had to make sense of his incredible life, without much time to pause for thought. Six minutes later, I was on-air talking to Today’s Nick Robinson.
I got home late from work that night, put Heroes on and thought… sad day, but thankfully rare - a once-a-year occasion at worst.

But three days later came another call from another producer. Had I heard the news…?

Oh dear. Alan Rickman was fine actor whom one generation fell for Truly, Madly, Deeply, in 1990, and a new generation got to know and eventually love as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films.

By the time news emerged of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies’s death on 14 March, we had already paid our tributes to Pierre Boulez, Harper Lee and Sir George Martin. All titanic figures, but at least they had led full lives.

(more, more, many more…)

On 11 November at 1:15am - a call from a producer on the Today Programme. Had I heard the news?

“Who’s dead?” I said.



One of those actors who turned up in things all the time.



Batman Villain Francine York Passes Away