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The Obituaries Thread


Yes, I know who he was; no, I don’t remember hearing news of his death.


Supposedly the Heimlich manouevre has saved more than 100,000 lives in the US alone.










2016 is relentless. Pity about the notoriety, he sang well.


Seconded. Da Fug?




Christ, that’s way to young. He had his issues over the years, but he made some great songs to.

Fastlove was always a favourite of mine.

And his cover of Somebody To Love with Queen is fantastic. Maybe the only person I’ve seen them perform with that even comes close to Freddie.


Heres in Argentina we lost Andres Rivera an Alberto Laiseca.

Both Writers. Both Masters in their craft.
If wou want to read something, I reccomend “Matando enanos a garrotazos” (Killing Dwarfs with a club… Roughly), a short story collection by Laiseca or “The Sorias”, one of the longest novels ever Written by the same author.

Also, if you know spanish.


Give it a rest, 2016.


Oh, 2016 isn’t done yet:


Jeremy Summers, a prolific director of British TV and film has passed away.

I realise many people will never have heard of him, but I’m sharing this sad news because of the anecdote that Kim Newman has contributed;

The film business, full of “characters”. :wink:



A great comic talent.