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The Obituaries Thread




This is 12 days late:

Peng Chang-kuei, the Taiwanese chef who invented General Tso’s chicken, a dish nearly universal in Chinese restaurants in the United States, died on Wednesday in Taipei. He was 98.

I used to order General Tso’s chicken whenever my family went for Chinese when I was younger.


I remember liking McCaskill as a kid.


Looks like 2016’s not done yet.


OK, that just shocked me.


Yeah, he was such a great and happy bloke in front of that weather map, he made even horrid weather seem somehow joyful.


He’s not as well known here in UK as the US but I’ve known him from a few things. He didn’t seem like a guy who was going anywhere any time soon. Very sad.


Hope his family knew before the news broke. Had moderate hit series, Fuller House and son Robin is well known. Unexpected, at the very least.


He was the star of Growing Pains back in the 80s. I remember watching the show.


Robin would be much more famous over here.

I actually remember that too, very hazily, though it had a teatime time slot here with Punky Brewster I think, in the early days of satellite TV, and didn’t have a very large audience. Both are not something many here in UK would remember.

Edit: He’d be recognisable more recently from being Robin’s dad (oh, I just got that in-joke) in How I Met Your Mother.


Look, there’s only 17 more days left in the year. Can we please have a moratorium on deaths until January? Please?!


2016 could quickly make up for things by taking some very bad people to go with the good people. So far, only Castro balances things.


He wasn’t Robin’s dad in HIMYM, he played himself and had worked with Robin Sparkles on that goofy edutainment maths show.


Just shows you how much I paid attention to how that guy met his mother.

Edit: Or his wife or whatever the fk


2016’s thirst for blood still not quenched:



Back in April, the BBC’s Obituaries Editor Nick Serpell was tasked with checking if there was anything unusual about the number of well-known people dying, as many on social media had been claiming.

He counted the number of pre-prepared BBC obituaries that ran across radio, TV and online

The BBC doesn’t do an obituary for every celebrity that dies and, as already noted, Serpell only counted pre-prepared obituaries, rather than obituaries written after the event, or news reports that mention someone has died.

Then there’s also the question of who even counts as a celebrity in the first place. US television personality David Gest, for example, did not get a BBC obituary.

Across the whole year, there was a 30% increase in BBC pre-prepared obituaries used in 2016 compared with 2015.

“In 2012, we had a total of 16,” says Serpell. “In 2013, it went to 24. In 2014, it rose again to 29. In 2015, it rose slightly again to 32.” For 2016, as of 15 December, it stands at 42.

The weird and slightly worrying thing is that when I look at their list of obituaries for 2012-2016, I’d forgotten many of them. Some seemed to have very little media attention, despite the BBC presumably reading out an obituary (anyone remember the news of Robert Stigwood dying? Anyone know who Robert Stigwood is?)


I think someone has mentioned it before but this was probably mathematically likely given the size and age of the generation that is currently dying along with varying age ranges. I assume we’ll approach some asymptotic maximum and then maybe have a drop off when Gen X moves into that age range.

It still sucks but likely not something out of the norm.


Yep, we discussed it a bit in this thread: