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The Obituaries Thread


I just saw that. Such a shame, such an incredibly long career though!


He went out on a high with his Game of Thrones performance, amazing at his age.

However the part I’ll never forget is this one:

The dementia-suffering father of Christopher Eccleston’s character in landmark TV drama Our Friends in the North, which earned him a Bafta nomination

It was truly outstanding and a bit of a masterclass. RIP Mr Vaughan.


I was going to say it, but you beat me to it Mr. Jones. Over the course of the series, you see his character deteriorate and it’s heartbreakiing without being sentimental.


He was definitely looking increasingly frail every year on Game of Thrones. It may be cynical, but I was actually wondering if he was going to make it to Maester Aemon’s death in the show.


I remember him giving an excellent performance in The Remains of the Day too.


It’s a valid question I thought about too when an actor signs up to a show at the age of 88.


This reminds me that I’ve still not got around to watching Major League. I’ve been meaning to for ages.

Whitton is one of the best things about The Secret of My Success, a thoroughly confused Michael J Fox comedy from the 80s, and is the subject of a scene that actually uses the chronically over-used “Oh Yeah” by Yello well.


That’s the one I remember most. Quite a movie really. Great long career, going into his 90’s. I wonder if that will become more normal as we age.


[quote=“Jim, post:249, topic:5713, full:true”]

That’s the one I remember most. Quite a movie really.[/quote]
It’s one of the most heartbreaking father-son relationships in fiction, I love the movie and the book too.


Exactly my thoughts, Gar. A fantastic performance.


Greg Lake.


Also famous for this. Expect to hear it a few times over the next couple of weeks.

RIP Mr. Lake…You gave me the perfect outro music for my adaptation of A Christmas Carol a couple of years back.


Years ago, I went to a book signing and got to shake his hand and get a book signed by him.

I have always admired those who have traveled into space.



News just broke.

Dude just kept being a hero. Again and again and again.

For 95 years.

Far too short a time.


The man was a true legend.


“Godspeed John Glen.”


Greg Lake’s passing is sad news; John Glenn’s death is a real loss.


Of all the deaths this year, Glenn’s is hitting me the hardest and I think that is because I actually met him.


What an amazing life! RIP.


I’d look forward to the movie of his life except it’d need to be a trilogy. So I hope they make a TV series. Dudes a true hero, every child should learn about him and what he did with his life.