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'The Nice Guys' Red Band Trailer. Excited for a new Shane Black film?



Really excited about what looks like a great role for Crowe and nobody writes mismatched buddy films like Shane Black. I’m looking forward to reading his script as much as the film itself!


YES!!! Then afterwards he’s doing Doc Savage. And he’s writing the next Predator film!


Looks like loads of fun, really liked the use of the 70s Warner logo.


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my favourite films. This seems to be in the same vein. If I could book my tickets already, I would do so.


Really excited for this one, the tone and execution look fantastic.

I went back and re-read the Guardian piece with Black about action movies after seeing The Nice Guys trailer, good piece if you’re interested on Black’s take on writing action.


That was a nice article, I think when he talks about ‘Quality of edge’ he nails part of why so many modern action sequences fall flat.

Quality of edge

If someone fires a gun in a movie, it should always be a big deal. I don’t like movies where someone shoots at someone else but they just run away and manage to dodge the bullet. Or people are all firing at each other continuously for 10 minutes. You need shock and impact and a genuine sense of peril whenever violence takes place. It can’t just be a crazy circus with no jeopardy.

If anyone hasn’t read it, his script for Lethal Weapon is an fantastic read. Really split a class I took years ago with some people thinking his writing was immature and obnoxious. I think it’s all very much his style though and you can totally see why is was bought even with him as a twenty something unknown - it vividly painted a picture for the studio execs.


This trouble-maker, Emilia… Is it a kind of a girl who distributes her business cards as a billion-dollar-business owner? White Pages are free to post many secrets. If this is the case, she is the funniest hero of the story.


That’s a good takeaway, the “Quality of Edge.” The lack of stakes with the kind of build that’s dozens of bullets flying and nobody ever getting hit is almost as bad as an all-cgi swarm of something attacking someone.

I do like the Lethal Weapon script, seems so proto Shane Black.

Not to hijack the thread further, did anyone see The Edge on Amazon, directed and written by Black? I stopped and started watching it, the tone/plot did not click for me, I was surprised.


We talked about The Nice Guys in the movie trailers thread, too, but I don’t mind a new Shane Black noir action comedy having its own thread. It looks brilliant.