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The NFL Thread!!!!!


At least until the Supreme Court expands the president’s power to pardon.

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Ravens appear to be selling off everyone and everything imaginable.


Might make sense. I guess they think their QB is 2-3 years away, so fire sale now and rebuild.

More and more it’s looking like you can either have an expensive franchise QB or you can have playoff success. But you can’t have both. So teams need to draft rookies and build up a team around them before the rookie contract expires. That helps teams like the Rams, Chiefs, Bears, Jets and so on. Probably what the Giants are planning too.


I’m very interested as to how this will play out over the course of a season. It could be that OBJ is just what Baker Mayfield needs or it could be an absolute disaster.

I’ve just seen that the Ravens have added Earl Thomas and Mark Ingram to their roster. It is a shame to be getting Thomas with such a wholesale change happening with the defence.


Giants replace OBJ with Golden tate


Diner replaces filet steak with chopped liver.

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I went to the Celtics game on Sunday and Robert Kraft was in my section, albeit in seats that cost many times more than mine (not that he paid for them I’m sure).

At one point he was shown on the Jumbotron on got a massive applause from the crowd. I did not join in. I am happy the Patriots have been so successful but that guy skeeves me the fuck out. This is probably true of many NFL owners but you get the sense that if investigators started digging through his finances they would uncover some really bad stuff pretty quickly.


The Bears are playing 2 days before my 40th birthday in London. I hope I’m able to get tickets.


They’re playing the Raiders too. Should be a wild game - the Raiders are a fun team this year, and Mack no doubt will want to make a big impact.

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Oh yeah, that should be an interesting game. I kind of expect Mack to destroy the Raiders. But the Raiders do look like they could be vastly improved over last year. Adding Antonio Brown alone gives Carr a better weapon than he’s ever had. I’m excited to see how they handle their draft in a week and a half.

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There’s no purpose to releasing the footage other than pure muckraking. The prosecutors look like scumbags here.


It’s an away game for Chicago tho which means I think they keep a proportionate amount of fans in the allocation of seats so it’s basically easier for everyone to get a seat compared to Bears fans. I hope I’m able to get tickets but we’ll see. I’m not getting my hopes up just yet.