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The NFL Thread!!!!!



I would reckon that Goodell and others didn’t want to testify under oath in a public trial.



This is my favorite thing today.


It continues to amaze me. No matter how rich, or successful, or respected, or hard working, or driven a man can be, so many see their legacy fall apart because they can’t keep their dick under control. It’s incredible.


It continues to amaze me how that can be a problem if it was consensual.


Did you read the article? It was a sex trafficking ring. Those women are sex slaves at worst, sex indentured-servants at best. I’m all for legalized prostitution, but massage parlors are cesspools for slavery.

Kinda amazing that a multi-billionaire would get busted at a 150 dollar rub and tug. Like, bro…can’t you afford 3000 dollar an hour escorts? Gimme a break with this shit.


Shit, he can afford “yacht girls”.

Then again, he could just be a cheap bastard when it comes to sex.


The conspiracy theorist in me says Goodell was behind this.




She’s beautiful!


Ah, ok, sorry I didn’t read that. Some annoying video popped up after a couple of paragraphs so I shut the page down,

I would have thought something that important should go in the first paragraph though, really :thinking:


She is @RobertB’s favorite!


According to the charging documents (warning: graphic content), Kraft was videotaped on two occasions engaging in sex acts with a woman at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida. One of the alleged incidents happened Jan. 20, the morning of the AFC championship game involving the Patriots and Chiefs.

According to the charges, Kraft was led into a room at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, where a woman engaged in oral sex with him. The act allegedly concluded with a payment of at least $100. Afterward, Kraft left the spa in his Bentley.

The other alleged incident occured the day before.


Is this a blow-by-blow account?


…and her balls are deflated, too.


If all of this ends with Trump pardoning Kraft then I will never watch another sporting event again.


I have to admit, I utterly love this story. It’s like peak NFL scandal.


The only way Kraft could get a Presidential pardon is if he’s convicted of a federal offense.