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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Meanwhile, The Browns signed Kareem Hunt while Kaepernick can’t get a team to sign him. It’s crap like that that also makes the NFL seem like a piece of shit league that probably needs to die off. They seem to be their own worst enemy, really.


Kaepernick is more valuable as a symbol now than as a quarterback. But speaking of him and symbols, whatever became of the Nike campaign with him? They had that huge splash at the beginning of the season and then nothing since.


Did anyone catch the AAF games this past weekend? From what I’ve read they were actually pretty decent.


Nike exploiting someone for their own means?!?! That is sooo unlike them. :wink:


I know they do it, I just assumed they would do more with him during the season. Granted, I didn’t watch any games, but I didn’t hear any more about Nike and Kap so I assume there wasn’t more done.


Exploiting him by paying him millions each year for a handful of ads?



That’s an incredibly random partnership. I kind of hope it happens just due to how weird it would be.


If the plan is for the Raiders to play in Legion Field I’m positive it won’t happen. Legion Field is well known to be a dump.


Why would the Cardinals let them do that?



Ennnh, he could be better than what they have, but…


Broncos and aging QB’s - name a better pair! This feels good for both teams, and might make the Broncos relevant except the Chiefs are going to dominate them for the next decade.

I remember the ‘is Flacco and elite QB’ debate back after his Superbowl win. Turns out he’s not, but man did he cash in on that playoff run.


I’ve enjoyed Flacco with the Ravens - a point of view that has nearly gotten me tarred and feathered by the common fans. I think it’s a good deal. Keenum never quite fit. The whole team has not played as a team since Peyton. I did not get behind how the team was being coached, it always felt off - and the scores reflected that. So, overhaul, and may Joe enjoy some altitude!


I still think the Ravens are being premature in their change of quarterback. Just look at that stink of a playoff game as an example. Jackson could not keep hold of the ball and it is always worrying when the new qb has serious fumble issues like that.


I have a feeling that trading Flacco was largely based on dumping his contract. He’s 34 and due to make about $20 million a year for the next 3 seasons. That’s way too much for a guy they were likely going to bench (it’s way too much for a QB competition too). I suspect they were pretty psyched to find someone willing to take on that money. Meanwhile they can shop around for QBs in the draft if they aren’t sold on Jackson. Or they could just sign Kaepernick :rofl:


Take that $20 million and upgrade the offensive line and you have a legit playoff contender for the next 3-4 years.



I hope he made a shit ton. Must have been a huge amount of fuck off money for him to give up humiliating the NFL.


Reportedly 60-80 million dollars.

If you are settling for that kind of money then you must be expecting to lose a lot more if the case actually goes to trial.