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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Didn’t watch the game (lucky me), but I hear Gurley hardly played/touched the ball at all despite being healthy. Why do opposing coaches love to make the dumbest coaching choices when they go against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Ram’s had maybe the top offensive player in the league behind Mahomes and in the biggest game of their lives they can’t get him the ball.


He’s hurt, and CJ is a beast too so it’s not like the run wasn’t tried. Half the success of a RB is the offensive line making a hole for them. Particularly a bruiser like Gurley. The run game just didn’t take for the Rams. The Pats defense should have been tired out, but the offense made no gains so there were loads of quick 3-outs while the Pats offense would typically drive down the field and be on for 8-10 plays.

What we really saw is that Goff had been overrated as a QB all season, and didn’t have command of the role like people thought. When the run wasn’t going anywhere they should have just gone to the pass, but Goff isn’t good enough for a step back offense. He’s too slow checking his options and gets pressured or hit on almost every single pass.

That Pats quick slant up the middle to Edelman is a deadly weapon, like a cheat code really. I don’t get why more teams don’t get scrappy tough guys like him, Woodhead or Welker on their team, rather than these fawning gazelle WR’s who don’t like hard contact.


You mean you missed the halftime show?

Lucky bastard.



The article says they still haven’t said what ratings the half time show did. I have a feeling they’re in the toilet.


It appeared the issue was that the Rams CB’s were playing aggressively against Edleman and that just played to his strengths.

As they went to make contact at the start of routes he was often putting a move on them which then gave him the separation he needed.

I spent most of the game saying they needed to give him a little more respect and play with a buffer zone.

Also Talib is horrendously overrated.


And he should have stayed with the Broncos!


And never made the playoffs again!


Talib isn’t very likable so I’d be happy with him never seeing the post season again.

On another note, as much as I didn’t want to see the Pats win again, I was happy to see Edelman get the MVP. He’s a pretty easy guy to root for. And that’s not something I normally say about players on the Patriots.



“Likable”? Oh, hell no! He can just play.

And keep him away from guys wearing necklaces.


As last year’s Walter Payton Award winner, Watt had to make the trip to the Super Bowl in Atlanta to give out the trophy for this year’s award winner. It wasn’t necessarily a trip Watt looked forward to since the Texans were bounced out of the playoffs in the first round, and he had no interest in watching the Patriots or Rams play for a title.

“I handed out the award right before the game, they did the opening kickoff, and I was on a jet 30 minutes later. I couldn’t do it,” said Watt, who earned top billing as the first guest on the late night show over actors Tim Meadows and actresses Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine. “It’s tough … You work so hard and you put in so much work and you put in so much time, you want to be in that game. It’s hard.”

JJ is so lucky. He got to miss the halftime show.



Well now Mrs Fenton won’t be able to call him “the angry troll catch man*” anymore.

*True story, it actually helped make the first three quarters entertaining.


Have you shown her the pictures?


Yes, she said gnome not troll…


After the big game ( which really wasn’t this year but I digress) is a slow time.

Baseball is starting with their Spring training, some basketball and hockey, but it is just figure skating and dog exhibition shows on TV.

Nothing really to get into for entertainment unless you like those award shows…Even the swimsuit issue has been pushed to May but I digress again…

Now there is a move for another football league and I have to say that after watching so much football since September, do we really need or want more football? (And this league will be inferior to the NFL)


The NBA All Star weekend is coming up and this season of the NBA is full of storylines. It’s great entertainment.


Football overtakes basketball… Basketball was nice back in the day even before the rivalry of Magic’s Lakers vs. Bird’s Celtics… Then came the Pistons for a little while, don’t forget Jordan and the Bulls.

Now every player wants to make an alliance and make a superteam ever since Lebron did it in Miami.

It will more than likely be Golden State again. Ho hum


I’d be fine with full baseball season* and some sort of winter sport. Here, a winter sport is “watching people try to drive”. In NYC, is it “watching people try to walk”? Last couple years of NFL have been disappointing in terms of just plain being played well. Yet, the Boston Red Sox blew me away with their performance last year.

I have a hunch the NFL may be fading as a pastime. Head injuries and such. Violence that is not sublimated in public. I dunno. Not as fun as it used to be.

  • and if my Rockies would stop training alongside the hated Snakes! That’s not good!