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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Yeah even as a Patriots who lives deep in New England we mostly just use the game as a pretense to get together (not easy when everyone is parents), eat a ton of food, and crack jokes.


Here’s my Superbowl bets so far. £5 on each and £10 on the bolded selections.

|Time of anthem|Under 109.5 secs 11/10|
|MVP|Donald 20/1|
|MVP|Gurley 14/1|
|MVP|White 40/1|
|Total pts|under 56 10/11|
|HTFT|Tie-Tie 50/1|
|Over 3.5 sacks|8/11|
|longest FG|over 44.5 4/5|
|2pt conversion?|Yes 7/4|
|most pts half|2nd 4/5|
|1st Q FG’s|Over 0.5 11/10|
|1st Q pts|Under 10.5 8/13|
|1st TD|Gronk 16/1|
|1st TD |Michel 7/1|
|Gurley Ru+Rec|Over 92.5 4/5|
|Donald Sacks|over 0.5 8/11|
|Donald sacks| 2+ 9/4|
|littleton tackles|over 8.5 5/6|
|zuerlein FG’s |over 1.5 8/13|
|white rec |over 48.5 5/6|
|gronk rec|over 3.5 4/7|



I put a quid on the Rams to win.


I swear, if I downloaded a gambling app that let me bet like this I’d never play with the kids again. Keep us updated on how you do Bobby.


First loser. Time of Anthem. Miss Knight went 10 seconds too long! I wish I’d seen this article before placing that bet.


Was one of the bets that halftime performer Travis Barker proposes to Kylie Kardashian?


|Time of anthem|Under 109.5 secs 11/10| -£5
|1st Q FG’s|Over 0.5 11/10| -£5
|1st Q pts|Under 10.5 8/13| +£6.20


Christ, a terrible first half and now Maroon 5??? This is how you kill the NFL.


I hate pts and high powered offenses so for me this could be the greatest half of Superbowl football ever.

Maroon 5 though, jeez, can’t defend that.



Maroon 5 and Andy Warhol struggling to put ketchup on a Whopper were the most exciting things about this Super Bowl.


We’ll never see another dynasty like this in the NFL. In 50 years they won’t believe it happened.


Damn Pats!


God that was a boring game…


Next season is going to be the one to seal it. Win a record 7th Super Bowl and the legend will be set. If they do it, I can see Belichek retiring after that.


I think it’s sealed Todd.


Is Pepsi ok?
Is splitting the bill ok?
Is my body odor ok?
Is this rash ok?
Is my tiny penis ok?
Is a dog shit sandwich ok?

What the hell were the Pepsi marketing people thinking??? How little confidence must they have? Coke people must be laughing their asses off.



In other news, I spoke to 5 friends about the game. 2 hated it, 3 thought it was really good. I’m in the really good camp as well.


3-3 at the half of a championship is a garbage game. People can harp about the “defensive battle,” but defensive battles are only interesting when the offenses play well and the defenses shut them down anyway. In this game, both offenses looked amateurish, (excepting Edelman, who was fantastic. )

From a football-wonk technical perspective, I think the game had some value. But holy fuck it was boring. Lame end to an otherwise pretty entertaining season of football.


Came in with eight minutes left in the 4th, saw the touchdown, went back to listening to music. Haven’t had so little interest in a big game in ever.

Bring the baseball!