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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Gretzky, Phelps



Poor Lance Armstrong-all forgotten now.


Gentlemen… Fair warning:

These GOAT debates never really get resolved and go on and on.

Just saying…


I was watching Dodgeball the other night nd his cameo is so awkward now…


I hope it was worth losing his job over:


What! The evidence here is on the broadcasters side… of course I’d assume he also refers to Rothlessburger as “Known rapist”…


I’m kinda looking forward to Pittsburgh having a shit team for the next decade. Their fans are super salty about other success, and I can’t get over how they all still stand behind Roethlisberger.


I was a Steeler fan when it meant something.




Yeah, I liked them up until there were rumors about Roethlisberger coming out every pre season. They can go jump off a cliff now.


I’m just impressed how the NBA rumor mill has totally eclipsed the Superbowl in all ways.


I’m both impressed and delighted. Canary in the coal mine for the NFL. I guess the Pats making yet another appearance has taken the air out of the build up (and the missed call for the Saints has tainted the game), but I’m sure they’ll get big ratings on the day.


Patriots fatigue and also the Rams don’t really have a big passionate fanbase like the Eagles or Seahawks, but still.


Yeah, this is the first Super Bowl in a lot of years that I plan to skip entirely. I’m sure plenty of people will still watch because it’s Super Bowl Sunday and it’s a thing people do, but it’s just kind of a blah match up when the NFL already has a lot going against it.


This is obviously what everyone should be watching Sunday:


Most people I have talked are using SB sunday as a means to get together with friends. I know 1 person eager for the game and she is a Pats fan. So if people stop treating SB sunday as a “holiday” and realize they can get together without turning the game on. Its ratings will plummet.


Really not liking either team. Don’t want to watch advertising. Nobody’s coming over. I’m not invited anywhere. Kinda feeling …


I’ll keep it on in the background. I have a feeling it’ll be a pretty good game.


says the Pats fan…


Brady fan. How can you not appreciate greatness? It’s like not liking Jordan or Tyson or Phelps. You’re watching history and seeing something that might never be repeated.