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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Man, the Saints got hosed. What a bummer for Brees and his team and their fans.




Chiefs defense needs to start doing something.

Hope their offense moves the ball down the field faster.


My in-laws and associated family members on my wife’s side despise Oakland and Denver, in that order.


Looks like the Chiefs are fucked.

Pats will destroy them if they keep playing like this.


Aside from the INT that was a perfect half for the Patriots. I don’t think this is over by a long shot though. The Chiefs offense is too good. Mahomes has a little bit of the “deer in headlights” thing going on but one scoring drive would erase that.


So, what else is going on Superb Owl Sunday, since two of my least favorite teams will be frustrating me by not both losing?


Man what a shit way for The Saints to go out. My interest in the Super Bowl basically plummeted to zero. At least I have a bunch of Netflix to catch up on.


“… with a half quarter to go!”

Me: “That would be an eighth, n’est pas?


This game is wild.


Patriots vs Rams


I need a cigarette.


I really dislike the NFL OT rules. It seems to favor whoever wins a coin toss. Each team should at least get one drive before going into sudden death.


This tweet is crazy. Aside from one year of Flacco only 3 QBs from the AFC have been in the Superbowl since 2002.

Anyway, I’m happy. Whatever.

I’d say Mahones and the Chiefs have a bright future but I guess you never know. I thought Aaron Rodgers was the most skilled QB of this generation but he doesn’t have a lot to show for it.


Andy screwed up I think by not letting his defense rest during that final drive, but then all games today were examples of the defense shitting the bed when they needed a stop.

The results today just showed the difference between Brady and Brees. Those drives by Brady, the 3rd down conversions to Edelman and Gronk - they were just amazing. Whereas Brees is great but could make the same magic happen. Brady just defies description. He’s clutch every time he has to be. Has ice in his veins. He’s quite simply the best football player of all time.

That list of Roberts should have lots of Mahomes added to it in the next few years. He’s the best QB of the last decade.


I think even Brady agrees with that. I remember at some point this season Brady said that if Rodgers played on the Patriots he’d probably pass for 9000 yards or something like that. The Packers have done a terrible job of building a team around Rodgers. This season was a pretty solid example. Basically every game I watched was Rodgers (who was clearly not 100%) putting the team on his back.

Mahomes will have plenty of opportunities in the future. Especially considering he’s the first truly electric QB to show up in the NFL in years.

Still I imagine Goodell must be pissed at the officials at the NFC championship game. We were so close to a generational match up in the Super Bowl. Two of the greatest of all time going head to head and it doesn’t happen because of really shit officiating at the end.


That’s odd. I wonder why he would say that? Not only does it diminish his accomplishments, but outside of 2007 it’s not like he’s ever been flanked by a ton of incredible skill players, something he’s been openly unhappy about in the past.


Pretty sure it was just his way of saying that he considered Rodgers to be far more naturally gifted than he is. Was just trying to pay the dude a compliment. I don’t think it’s anything more than that.


Brady has to be in the all-sports greatest list (I usually refrain from putting team athletes in when they play on large rosters but I’ll make an exception)

Tom Brady
Phil Taylor (darts)
Usain Bolt (athletics)
Ronnie O’Sullivan (snooker)
Serena Williams (tennis)
Marit Bjørgen (cross country skiing)
LeBron James

Need 3 more for my top 10.


Ali, Babe Ruth, Pele?