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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Big bet tonight on Saints over 30.5 pts and a smaller bet on Chargers +4.5 on the handicap line.


Smaller bet looking like a loss at the moment…

This Pats team look angry. I can’t wait to see them in KC next week.


Yeah that was a sucker bet. I’m actually a Pats fan so hoping they put that upstart Maholmes firmly in his place next week.


This is a beating.

Looking forward to Eagles/Saints.


Pats-Chiefs should be interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised by any outcome which is always kind of fun.


That would be great. Eagles just got hit with a couple injuries, which is kinda sad.

Still playing well!


Any predictions on the Chiefs -Pats or the Saints v. RAms?

I want the Chiefs because I am sofa king tired of the Pats and it will be in KC. Mahomes has a bright future.

I pick the Saints. I don’t believe in Goff just yet. Brees yes, Goff not yet.


I love the narrative of the old veteran QB’s, the greatest of their era, going against these young upstarts who might dominate the next era. It feels like this year more than any other might represent a passing of the torch in the NFL.

I’m rooting for the old guys of course to get one more last shot at a title. I think a Saint vs Pats Super Bowl would be the most watched sporting event in a generation.


It’s pretty easy to see the “Passing of the Torch” headlines tomorrow, and the Chiefs are the better team and they’re at home. It would be an incredible feat if the Patriots won, and like most of America, I’ll be rooting for them.

With the Saints-Rams, I predict that we’re going to get a good, clean match, and everyone will have fun.


Most of America???


Chiefs haven’t scored less then 26 in any have this year and their defence has improved dramatically. I want Pats but will be betting on Chiefs.

Saints at home is a lock.


I quite thin 2018 to be “The Year of Mahomes”. A couple of my friends are big Chiefs fans, and I’d rather they win than annoying Patriots. (I so much live in Broncos country, They did a tv poll yesterday that was something like 80% would rather the Chiefs won; but it should have been phrased “Who would you prefer to LOSE?” and the Pats would win that hands down around here.)

The Rams still technically owe me money (from property taxes in L.A. before they bailed, kinda like the Raiders but not quite as repugnant), so I go with the Saints, who I rather admire anyway.


I thought the Chiefs were big rivals with Denver? They don’t make sports fans like they used to.

(I know the Raiders are their big rival, or at least historically were)


Raiders kind of were, so were Seahawks. Definite Chiefs/Broncos rivalry (no matter what unis they choose, the colors always clash horribly), But if it comes to who gets hated worse, it’s the Patriots by a landslide.


I think we’re looking at a Saints-Chiefs Supe… “BIG GAME” two weeks from now.

Gonna be colder than a witch’s tit in KC this weekend; wonder if that will have effect on the game.


“…like most of America, I’ll be rooting for them”

Most of America, huh? Seems…unlikely.


I think passionate football fans might hate the Patriots but casual fans love greatness and will root for Brady. How could you not root for a guy who’s currently beating Father Time?


As I wake aching every morning, I completely resent Brady beating Father Time. Ouch!
Go Mahomes!


I refuse to root for anyone in the AFC Championship Game. I’m rooting for anyone in the NFC to kick their ass in the Super Bowl.


Did they just play a Joy Division song before a commercial break durings the Rams/Saints game?

That was kind of surreal.