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The NFL Thread!!!!!


also Baltimore recently went to LA and beat the Chargers and this time it is in Baltimore. Hope that bet is not a parley.


If the Texans beat the Colts and the Ravens beat the Chargers, then the Ravens will face the Chiefs, who have already beat the Ravens this season, albeit by three points.

With Mahomes, it feels like a good season for the Chiefs even though they’ve been struggling a bit for the past few weeks, but they’ll still need to make it past Belichick and Brady to make it to the BIG GAME.

Probably be Chiefs or Pats vs Saints.


I will be surprised if that happens.


11 minutes into the first quarter and the Colts are leading 14-0. Both drives looked flawless.

Edit: now a turnover on downs with 1:20 left in the half and Houston still haven’t put points on the board.


Interestingly, in the AFC, only the Pats have a winning record this year against playoff teams


That doesn’t surprise me. It’s the Patriots. They’re still a better team than all those teams in the playoffs.


Good win by the Colts. I don’t believe in the Cowboys though, I can’t see them making it through next week. Seattle played a really stupid game and should have been able to beat them. The Colts are a sneaky great team with a great offensive line. I could see them beating the Chiefs. Would be amazing for Andrew Luck.

I can’t see either the Chargers or the Ravens beating the Pats at home. If Brady makes yet another championship game that’s just amazing.


I’m rooting for the Colt in the AFC to go all the way. Just don’t like any of the other teams left. Only way another Brady Super Bowl appearance is worthwhile is if it’s against Brees.

But yeah, no way either the Chargers or Ravens are good enough to take down the Patriots. They both look like shit against each other right now. And the Charges looks like trash against a bad Broncos team last week too.


Ravens need to consider putting Flacco back in.
So much kicking going on they might as well say it’s a rugby match.


Did I just see that? Upright and crossbar and out!
Philly called the perfect timeout


That was heart wrenching, maybe the worst way to lose.

I hope the Saints beat the shit out of the Eagles next week.


That was a rough loss for Chicago. A crazy way to miss a game winner. I always feel badly for kickers in that situation.


As an Eagles fan, that botched kick made my day. As a human being with empathy, I felt incredibly badly for Cody Parkey. This is probably going to be the worst few days of his life.


It may not be entirely the kicker’s fault:



I’m ok with it because I’m rooting hard for Brees this year to at least get to the Superbowl, and I’m glad the Bears don’t stand in his way as I wouldn’t know who to root for. He’s got homefield and amazing offensive weapons - this is his last chance I think. He’s HOF for sure, but I’d like to see him get another ring.

Brees was my fantasy QB for a decade, since his New Orleans start in '06 till I quit fantasy a couple of years ago. He’s in my top 3 favorite NFL players (Brees, Brady, Warner). I know there’s a great post NFL TV career waiting for him, or political success if that’s what he’s interested in. I think he’s a damn good human with a character that people should aspire to. One more ring would be an incredibly sweet finish to his epic career. I could live with Luck or Mahomes winning, everyone else can go screw themselves.


Yeah, Brees is one of my all time favorite players too so I’m definitely rooting for him to get that second ring. I hope he can pull it off and not have another letdown post season.



Getting ready to go to our annual Patriots playoff gatherings and I just found out that most people who are going only watched 1 or 2 NFL games all year (including the Pats). I lost interest in the weekly grind of the NFL a few years back but as recently as two years ago, almost everyone at this gathering would have watched 2 or 3 games a week all season.

I don’t know if that’s anecdotal or widespread. It could be more concentrated to New England. One friend told me “after the Seattle and Atlanta Superbowls there is nowhere to go but down” which I thought was interesting.


I’ve lost a lot of interest in the NFL the last couple seasons too. I used to watch on Sundays a lot and I’d almost always have the playoff games on. But now I might catch a couple games throughout the season and then watch the Super Bowl. I might watch the Saints playoff game (or hopefully games), but beyond that I don’t even like any of the teams left in the playoffs.