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The NFL Thread!!!!!



Gronk is too famous for WWE, and he won’t be a good wrestler. Gronk is a movie star, someone should build a franchise around him.


Gronk may fit in WWE like some of the older wrestlers. He has a broken down body that they can patch together for an event or two. But that is it. Jim is right. He needs to go to Hollywood and let stuntmen perform any strenuous activity he may need to perform.


Gronk is maybe the most obnoxious human being I’ve ever listened to. He’s the epitome of a frat bro times 10. He’s always come off as a gigantic douche every time I’ve listened to him talk about anything. So he could be a fine heel in WWE in that who wouldn’t want to punch him in the face. But I don’t see him being able to act or carry a movie at all.



The Jets are just awful… What a choke job!

The Pats win the division again (10 straight and 16/18) by default… or do you really think that the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins were anything the past decade to challenge them?

Oh well…


If you can’t put together a decent franchise showing over the course of a decade you should lose the franchise. There’s no excuse for the AFC east teams.


I think that the ten years of mediocrity shows that it is not the high draft pick positions that solely improve the team but also the management that knows what to do.

I mean look at the Cleveland Browns: For all their high picks over the years they should at least be a 10 win team by now, but bad management and coaching…


Regarding the AFC East, it’s been conventional wisdom that the division is terrible but that isn’t true at all. The reality is that the division has been good, but the Patriots have been great. Here is an email a friend of mine sent me about it once (written in 2006):


I’m not sure why there’s even an argument. I hate the Patriots, but they clearly the most dominant dynasty of all time. Terrible division or not, they win in the playoffs and are constantly in the Super Bowl. If they only got to the playoffs because of a crap division they’d lose in the playoffs more often than not. But they win. You don’t need tons of stats to know they’re a dominant franchise. You just have to look at the Super Bowls.


I’ve been a Dolphins fan since 1987 but I’m also a Pats fan. I love dominance in sport.


Taking nothing away from the Pats. I was actually taking away from the other teams especially the Jets…
The Jets are hoping to build around Darnold and take over the division when Brady retires. (Brady can’t play

I give credit to the Pats for Bellichek being VERY prepared for every game and contingency and Brady’s ability to execute the game plans. They dominate for a reason.

On a more serious note, the Pats WR Josh Gordon is out to get his head straight. Here’s hoping that he gets his problems resolved.


I think I might be the opposite. Watching the same few teams win every year for a decade or two turns me off a sport pretty hard. Watching Brady in the Super Bowl every year or watching The Warrior vs The Cavs in 4 straight NBA finals is just boring to me.

With the Patriots, I get extra annoyed because, despite their dominance, we’ve really never gotten a dream Super Bowl match up of Brady vs Brees or Brady vs Rodgers. Not Brady’s fault, of course, but it I’m still bummed we didn’t get those. I suppose we could still get Brady vs Brees this year. And looking at the AFC playoff picture, that’s probably the only Super Bowl match up that holds any interest for me. I can’t stand Philip Rivers (although Brees vs Rivers has a great story behind it), I think KC is a fun team (hate them, but they fun), however I want Mahomes to get brought down to Earth. I can’t ever get excited for the Texans for some reason.

All that said, I feel like Chicago might be the team to beat. Their defense is tough and Trubisky has surprised me by not sucking like I expected him to.


A lot of people feel this way, and I get it. However the funny thing about this is that there have been plenty of boring Superbowls this century but Tom Brady was only in one of them (2005 against the Eagles). The rest of the Patriots Superbowls, whether they won or lost, have been objectively incredible football games.


I love D and running offence so right now the NFL is losing me. I hate the ‘pass first’ nature of the league in the same I can’t watch the NBA any more due to the ‘3pt’ heavy offenses.

With that in mind I do like the Titans and Ravens for their run weighted offense and Chicago for their D but I’m under no illusions that there’s no way any of them can win the Superbowl. That’s a fact.

I’m a 30 year Dolphins fan who also love as the dominance of the Pats but I’d really like Seattle to win this year. Russell Wilson is amazing.



A lot of teams think that if you hire an assistant coach from a winning organization, then you will win. The Jets tried that so many times like hiring Eric Mangini who trained under both Bill Parcells and Bill Bellichek and look what happened. It is so hard to replicate a winning formula from another organization.

I can remember in February after the Super Bowl, all this gossip about assistant coaches (usually from the Patriots these days) possibly jumping ship to go elsewhere for top dollar. What is missing is also getting the players as well…

Now the Jets are thinking about getting the next hot assistant but what they really should get is a proven winner and proven GM.

Just saying…


So this weekend I’ll pick 3 road teams (Colts, Seahawks, Chargers) to win outright, and the Bears will win at home (and cover the spread).

Its money in the bank (although I’m not in any pools anymore).


Yeah… except the Chargers are going to lose.


I think all the games are toss ups that could be decided by one play. It fells like any outcome in each game wouldn’t be an upset.

It would be great though if the Cowboys lose.


That was the hardest pick. Baltimore has been on fire heading into the playoffs.