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The NFL Thread!!!!!


I assume this will be marketed as football for Trump voters…an alternative to the NFL, which Trumpnugget hates.


Maybe he could get Netflix to carry the games?

I’m curious as to when the XFL season will be. Late spring into early summer as not to overlap with the NFL?


It’s hard to really see the XFL succeeding this time. But the plus for it is that the NFL is in a pretty weak position, so if ever there was a time to try it, might as well be now. Vince McMahon is not really the visionary that I would expect to get it done, though. He’s not exactly a forward thinker. As evidenced by the fact that he’s trying to revive his biggest failed endeavor 20 years later.


I think you can make a sport out of snail racing. It just depends on glamor, marketing and making the game exciting. This needs to be different from the NFL, a ABA for the NFL. I think if he’s stuck with it last time it might have worked. This time he just needs a network willing to market him right. I don’t know if he’ll get one as the NFL has Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC already. And I doubt if Netflix wants to deal with the McMahons. I think Amazon is maybe a more realistic option.

I really hope it’s not a Trumpette play. That would be insufferable.


Why do y’all want to see him fail? I couldn’t care less about pro football but if it’s a good product and an opportunity for more athletes I don’t see what’s wrong.


Isn’t Amazon simulcasting some NFL games?


McMahon is a shitbag who’s exploited his workers for decades, watching them wreck themselves while he pockets the bulk of the money. He aggressively targeted every rival so he could hold a monopoly on the wrestling industry. That and he encouraged an environment full of drug abuse that led to several early deaths. That’s why.


He also made many men multi- millionaires and paid for the rehab of many wrestlers that weren’t in his employment.
He’s done a lot of shady things and a lot of good things, too.


Did he suck your dick?


He’s kinda lost his touch as far as ideas for WWE go, though. I think it’s part senility and part complacency due to relative lack of competition.


Twice. And he passed along some high quality HGH, too.


Is thinking you need some HGH a common reaction when someone sees your penis?


I’m of English/Scottish ancestry so obviously the answer is “yes.”