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The NFL Thread!!!!!



The Giants are now 1 and 5… Their season is over.

Who to blame…


The Mannings…


The GM for not drafting a QB.


Nah, the Giants made the right pick. Best player on the board at #2. And QB’s can play fine as they get older - we’re riddled with older QB’s that are the very best at the position. The problem is the offensive line, not Eli.


Yeah, Barkley is great. Couldn’t pass him up. He’s the one bright spot on the team right now. They can get their QB in this next draft.


A good matchup this week should be Kansas City vs. the Pats at Foxboro. Should be fun.

On a side note, I get a little fed up with all these pregame shows with these analysts, retired players and coaches overanalyzing every game. It is their job I know, but I am tired of these panels of suits going on and on about unnecessary roughness, read option, play action, pass rush, screen plays, etc…

I like football in small doses, not 11 hours straight every Sunday… Way too much for me.