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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Aaron Rodgers had an injury scare and it woke him up. Chicago learned that paying $150 million (and two 1st round draft picks) for a linebacker maybe wasn’t the best idea? No matter how good that linebacker is.


It was still a good idea to get Mack. That offence just shit the bed in the last part of the game, but really the play calling fell apart. All that throwing on an arm that looked like it was going to puke on the field. There was a feeling of inevitability in the second half, and Chicago coaching wilted under that spotlight. They should have stuck to the run, but their calls we all awfully difficult passes. Just garbage coaching. They had 2 timeouts left and on both 4th downs didn’t take a moment to put together a play - just chuck it and hope for the best.

Earlier in the day I’d said to someone that Chicago would get their fans all excited and hopeful and then it’d break their hearts. I didn’t expect that to happen all in one night. It was the only NFL I watched yesterday, putting the baby to sleep and needed something to do. Yup, Packers making the Bears their bitch once again.


It doesn’t bother me that other people are into it, I just think it’s a colossal waste of time. Especially when it takes the joy out of watching a game or spending time with your friends and family. But I feel that way about any hobby that turns more into a chore or distracts that much from real life.


This is an interesting attitude to take on a message board where grown adults have written long screeds about the merits of various comic book movies…


Nah, it’s just about proportionality, surely. Everything in moderation. If you’re spending too much time on your hobby, then by definition it’s taking up too much of your life.

The issue is always defining what “too much” is, and that is obviously hugely subjective - it may be very different for different people (and different hobbies).


Fantasy football usually takes you away from family when all the games are on, and it often means you watch more games than normal. Plus you spend some of the week keeping up on the news on who’s in and who’s out. You’re bound to it in a way with other hobbies you can pick up or set down whenever you want or whenever you’re free. if you’re booked for even one week away from Fantasy you do enough damage that you could lose the season. It’s a commitment above and beyond most hobbies.

Not to mention losing the joy of games when you’re rooting against teams you support because your fantasy player doing well is more important than them winning.


This is what I was getting at.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Mack. And as a Raiders fan I was not happy to see him go at all. He’ll help Chicago plenty. But I’ve yet to be impressed with Trubisky and paying Mack that much (and giving away the next two 1st rounders) could prevent them from building an offense to help that defense out. Then again, he’s a young dude so he could develop into a good QB. Plus I have little confidence that the Raiders won’t blow those two picks.


I’d like to see the Bears invest heavily in defense, especially now that they have Mack to build around. If they do, they can get away with a middle-of-the-road QB/offense and still have playoff hopes, I think.


Getting a great QB seems almost impossible. It’s like winning the lottery. Given most QB’s can play for at least 12 years, and given that in any given year we have fewer than 20 great QB’s, that means there’s probably nearly 100 starters over a decade and only 20 of them are great. And this is drafted, top of the college prospects QB’s. Trying to build a team around a QB feels like where most teams go wrong these days.

Great defensive players seem easier to draft and surer things. WR’s are a dime a dozen, as are RB’s. Great TE’s are also unicorns - trying to find one seems impossible. Teams should just built defenses and offensive lines.

There’s no way Trubinsky was worth the cost, and all signs point to him not being a very good QB. When I saw that trade move I gave up on the Bears entirely.


Yeah, finding a great QB is tough. If you have a good RB and O-line you can get by pretty well. Just look at Dallas. Elliot and that O-line made Prescott look way better than he probably is. Focusing on O-line isn’t the sexy/exciting approach, but it seems like the smart one.


Focussing on the o-line should be the sexy/exciting approach. I firmly believe that with a top ranked, AAA offensive line even the Johnny Manzels of the world can win games and look good doing so.
The same goes for building stout defenses.
The Ravens won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer at qb… He had a great o-line and one of the best defences of the period.



Hell of a time for an epiphany:


Watch the Bills use this as the motivation to get their shit together and turn their team around.


It’s cool to realize you need to stop. Even if it’s in the middle of a game. Like if you know that you physically can’t compete at the level you need to compete, I get it. Tell the coaches you know you’ll be a liability and sit and root for your teammates. But to just not come back out to the sidelines and show support for the team in another thing entirely.

But yeah, maybe this is the kick in the ass the Bills need to stop playing like crap.


Group of Pro Football Hall of Famers to Boycott Ceremony over Salary, Benefits.

They should have done this in conjunction with Owens not attending his induction ceremony earlier this year, but better late than never. I can’t believe the NFL hasn’t offered lifetime health insurance. It’s not like they can’t afford it a million times over.


Some rookies across the league had big days today. Most notable, to me at least, was Efe Obada playing end for Carolina.

Efe started his football career here in the U.K. playing for one of my most hated opponents the London Warriors. I’m not sure if we ever shared a field but it is crazy to think of a guy who was playing at the pinnacle of British American football can be starting in the NFL.

Highlights of the 2015 Britbowl Premiership final featuring Obada.

And highlights from yesterday’s game against the Bengals, Obada begins to be mentioned around the 5 minute mark.


Speaking of foreign influence I saw a bit of fuss about this drop kick to restart the other day.

Dixon grew up with Aussie Rules Football where they use that technique all the time, the advantage over a place kick is you get under the ball so can get better hang time so defenders are on the catcher quicker.

The other way around when I was a kid the Canadian rugby captain used to employ an American football overarm pass every now and then because it gets better distance than the traditional rugby pass. I think you probably need to hone these skills when young though because I never saw anyone else dare to use it although it was successful and I doubt we’ll see other NFL players adopt the drop kick anytime soon.


Lots of Aussie guys end up kicking in the NFL.

The guy punting for either Virginia Tech or Florida State is Australian and put some amazing spin on the balls he kicked. Landing near sidelines and bouncing in etc

So I just checked and I did play against Efe, which is cool. I may even have actually had to block him as, if memory serves (and that is a big if after amount of time I’ve been playing) I was offensive line that year playing tackle.