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The NFL Thread!!!!!



Unless Nike is paying him 18 million a year, he might be sacrificing quite a bit.

EDIT: Go Eagles.


Just read that the ratings for last night’s opening game are a ten year low and down 8% from last year. I don’t think it’s all due to the kneeling, either.


last night’s game was delayed by 45 minutes for weather reasons and then both offenses played poorly much of the 1st half so I can see people turning it off very early.


For a season opener, that was horrible in so very many aspects! We can see the new rules watering things down. This was the antithesis of excitement.


I fully believe the popularity of NFL has been heavily driven by Fantasy Football, and now that it’s become so much harder to play that game (no reliable RB’s, QB’s all the same, few elite WR’s) I think loads of people are quitting leagues. Without the fantasy aspect you stop giving a shit about most of the games beyond the team you support. And I still think it falls apart when Rogers finally retires.

Here’s a guy who agrees with me:


I think it’s a several reasons that are adding up for the loss of viewership. Fantasy Football is part of it, as is the kneeling controversy, the realization the past few years that the owners and leadership are arrogant pricks, the CTE issue and more options for entertainment consumption.

But speaking of Fantasy Football, my boy asked me what it is and after I explained it to him he said “That sounds kinda dumb.” It’s one of my prouder moments as a father.


It’s really dumb. Once the kids arrived I wanted out of my league asap as it takes too much time to manage a team what with all the injuries and changes. Usually the most active player is the guy who does best.


I still do fantasy football, but it’s mostly just an excuse to keep in touch with some friends since moving away. If the league shut down I wouldn’t care. I don’t really pay enough attention to the NFL anymore. Too many stupid rule changes that have lead to more flags and an even slower game. There are really plenty of reasons to be turned off by the NFL. There are more entertaining sports out there if I really want to watch sports. And there’s plenty of other things to entertain me that aren’t sports.


I did fantasy basketball for one season and I thought it sucked. It definitely came down to the most active player winning, and once people realized that they stopped being active, as it was like a second job just to be in last place. And really, if you drafted one of like 5 different players you had such an advantage that it was really pointless for a lot of people.

I’ve been asked to join football and baseball leagues for years. No thanks.


I think all of this is right on. I think Deflategate hurt also (even many Patriots haters felt the “controversy” made the NFL look idiotic). The NBA and soccer has been rising, and the relatively new playoff format for college football as well as the exciting SEC play has made NCAA more attractive for football fans.

Ultimately I think the biggest thing is that the quality of play and officiating has been extremely poor this past decade. The quest for parity has resulted in too much mediocrity (and hasn’t even really achieved parity—more or less the same 8 teams are good every year). The Thursday game I think has hurt the league. It’s a big platform for the NFL and the game are almost always horrific; these guys need more than 3 days of rest and preparation.

For me however the CTE issue has made it pretty uncomfortable. My interest in the league dropped considerably when Junior Seau put that bullet in his chest.


I think the Frontline documentary League of Denial was the beginning of the end for a lot of people.


8 of us at work do fantasy football and as it’s a £100 buy-in, that keeps people interested. Otherwise people stop trying after about week 6.


Fantasy doesn’t work for Basketball, the math isn’t balanced enough. It worked brilliantly for NFL for years, but recently it’s not worked well there either hence why I think more people are quitting.


Football is really the only place where I think fantasy is tolerable. Trying to do it for basketball, hockey, or baseball sounds exhausting simply based on the number of games each sport plays. I honestly think Thursday night football and London games haven’t helped fantasy football either. Back when you just had to worry about getting your line up set by 10am Sunday morning, it was nice. Now that you have to remember to set it by Thursday afternoon and be aware that there might be a game in London that start at like 6am on Sunday, it’s made management that much more cumbersome.

I still think they should scrap Thursday night football…


I like Fantasy for the social aspect of it. Most of my league members live in town, so whoever is available will go out to one of the bars to watch the game and talk shit to each other. It’s a good time. It also gives me incentive to watch games I’d otherwise not be interested in. It’s really not much bother to set a lineup every week…it takes, what, 15 minutes to do the research and move people around? Max?

I will say that I used to be in multiple leagues, but this year I’m only in one, and I only got into it because someone dropped out and they needed a body.


Some surprising outcomes from yesterday.


Looks like the NFL is back. Patriots beat on Houston, Broncos squeaked a win (goddam interceptions still a plague), and what the hell happened in Green Bay?

After hideous Thursday, this was a bright refreshing drink of cool water.


This I get. But when I see my friends constantly checking stats, changing line ups, worried about garbage games because they have a receiver on their fantasy team, etc it gets too much.


Why, though? It’s a game. They’re into it. Good for them. Unless they’re betting their kids’ college funds on their league, it really shouldn’t matter. It’s like most games…it utilizes skill, insight, and luck. Some people get “too” into it, I guess, but most people don’t. It’s essentially a harmless hobby. I’m sure fantasy football players might look at, say, people who collect comics and say that it’s a waste of time/money/energy, which I would imagine most people here might take umbrage with. I dunno…I don’t understand people’s problem with it.