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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Okay. Spoke too soon. Apparently, we can. Just right now saw a news story that the Broncos cut Lynch and sent him on his way. He’s a good guy, just not a fit at all and turned into Odd Man Out. Hope he finds a home with a team that fits.

Who needs a QB right now? (Serious Q - been paying attention to baseball what with learning footie in the middle of it.)



Why did they let go of Webb? Has to be a personal thing between Webb and management.



Nice but let me play devil’s advocate for both Kaepernick and Nike…

Mixed feelings:

When Kaepernick was in the NFL playing for SF, he would kiss his biceps after passing for a TD. After his first year, his QB play and QB ratings started to go down.

Kaepernick has never been interviewed over his views on police brutality of minorities. Although he may mean well to call awareness to such social injustice he has yet to express himself vocally. Kaepernick never did register to vote.

A lot of Nike sneakers are made in overseas sweatshops, way overpriced, and many minorities in inner city settings are robbed and even killed over them. Also jackets and shirts are set in black as an inner city thing also for gangs.


That’s not true at all. He just sounds like a dumbass when he tries to explain himself, especially when he’s wearing a shirts that support Che and Castro. He may be the spark that initiates the national debate but someone that’s more charismatic than him needs to take over from here.


Sorry Will… I must have missed that one.

I agree that someone more charismatic needs to speak for him…

I heard that the whole thing was dying down and some owners were going to contribute money to organizations players approved of when someone ( not mentioning any names) opened up their mouth and started it up all over again.


Here’s the thing though: this is a topic that needs to be discussed and deserves attention. Team owners giving money to some charities is just a way to get away from controversy and back in the good graces of their fans. Nike doing this certainly can’t sit well with the NFL and the team owners. I can’t imagine they’re happy about this at all. And Nike should have realized Kaepernick isn’t the personality to drive this.


Kaepernick doesn’t want the story to be about him. That’s why he’s not on every show or doing every interview - he’s drawing attention to the issue but he doesn’t want to be the story. The guy gave up $20 million a year to stand up for what he believes. That’s pretty much the nobelist thing I’ve ever heard of. Imagine playing football every day since you were a kid, practicing endlessly to become one of the very best, getting a huge NFL contract and being one of only a few dozen guys able to play in the NFL, even getting your team to the Superbowl despite your supporting cast not being that great - all that time and work and effort and you voluntarily sacrifice it to draw attention to a social issue you know you can’t reverse but you hope you can make an slight difference to. And you do that and don’t hog the spotlight.

The guys a folk hero.


He’s following Ras Al Ghul’s advice on the symbol being more important than the man. I just wonder who our John Blake is.



My guess is they’re doing this for attention to build their social media presence rather than an actual protest. Since we live in an age where the biggest clown gets the most attention we’re going to see some really dumb clowns.


It’s like the world’s biggest (and dumbest) game of D&D. Right now the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is the Big Bad but the one to watch out for is the little fellow in robes in the back muttering something.


In Naomi Klein’s ‘No Logo’ she has a section on Nike’s marketing techniques, they had the highest percentage spend on advertising of any US company and had pioneered that approach. In it it’s observed that in suburban middle class stores in malls they had the usual security measures to prevent theft, tags in the clothing setting off alarms etc. All quite usual.

In the poor urban and black areas of New York they didn’t. They essentially allowed the shoes to be lifted every now and again because they knew those kids were driving what was cool globally. They appear in the hip hip videos and kids in the cities of Europe and Asia will be copying.

I’d suspect they know exactly what they were doing taking this stance and are willing to trade the boycott from some conservative groups for the kudos among the African American community and viewing how that impacts globally.


I’m an Adidas guy anyway.


Small Missouri college ends Nike affiliation over Colin Kaepernick ads


Nike is suffering oh so very badly. Stock fell an initial 3%, and so far today it has made up that loss and another 0.79%. Boo frickin’ hoo.


I didn’t know you were that much of a Run DMC fan.


ESPN, Business Insider and others have recently reported that Nike has been paying him ever since he’s been out of the league so it’s not like he’s sacrificing a whole lot.


Getting paid a bunch of money to not be in the NFL sounds infinitely better than getting paid to be in the NFL. So good on him for beating that particular system, at least.


Still sacrificing a starting QB salary.