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The NFL Thread!!!!!





Miami Dolphins wide receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson kneel prior to preseason opener



Tony Dungy told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday that, if he were still coaching today, he would give members of his team some time during his own nationally televised press conferences to speak about issues that are important to their communities.

“As a coach, my challenge would be, well what’s the best way to help these guys get their message across?” the NBC Sports analyst said. “And the best way is not three minutes before the national anthem.”

When asked about how he would respond to players who argue that the protests bring a unique awareness to their causes, in part because the demonstrations make some people uncomfortable, Dungy said he would tell them: “Good, we can make people uncomfortable during the press conference.”

“You want to raise awareness, I’m going to give you a much bigger platform,” the former Indianapolis and Tampa Bay coach continued. “Instead of just 65,000 people at the stadium, I’m going to give you access to millions of people, and it’ll be re-run and you’ll be able to articulate exactly what your point is. … I think most guys would say that is a better way.”




I saw an article today hat said Arizona State is implementing Rugby tackling this year too. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more teams adopt this style as more CTE and TBI information come out.


It seems to be the way it has to go, they have to minimise the impact to the head as that evidence increases. Even in rugby itself they are pushing the tackle laws to keep impact away from the head.

Head high tackles have always been against the rules but 5 years ago if you made deliberate contact with the head it’d be an on field penalty - now it’s a red card and you get sent off for the rest of the game. This is in a huge match and you’ll hear the ref say ‘I have to protect the player, head, neck’.


This is so awesome:







Say… the season is starting soon.

Any predictions?

I just hope for the best from the NY teams especially keeping an eye on the rookies.


I predict that players will still take a knee during the National Anthem, and that few American fans will actually boycott the NFL.


Denver already looks better and healthier than last year. They need to dump Lynch and reinforce Kenum (yeah, I better learn to spell that)'s leadership. Last game they did fine until Paxton went in. The team simply has no faith in him; best he find a team that appreciates him. So, with a decent schedule, I’m hoping for a .500 season and maybe even a shot at the playoffs.

Telecast of the Broncos vs. Cardinals is my TV tonight. Also a few good games on MLB, so that on the PC and football on the TV.


I predict Roger Goodell will continue his tone deaf “leadership” while more Americans will slowly begin to lose interest.



Meanwhile, in Denver, we can’t get Paxton Lynch outta here with dynamite and an airlift!