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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Also, terrible half time shows and…


Probably a cluster of factors.

I, personally, know a half a dozen people who lost their minds over the kneeling thing and stopped watching NFL games. Even their beloved Cowgirls.

I don’t really think they probably lost a lot of audience over the TBI scandal. It just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing the typical sports fan would care about. Bread and circuses and all of that.

But I think it has more to with oversaturation than anything. From what I recall, they’ve been bleeding viewers since the mive to Thursday.

Also a good point about teams like Kansas City and Tennessee not driving ratings. Folks seem to want to see teams like Dallas and Oakland win, and Denver and New England lose.

The NFL has kind of a weird dynamic in that each team only plays once a week, and you’re under twenty regular season games, so it’s really easy to follow the whole season, and you have stuff like Monday Night Football where people will watch two teams play they don’t really give a rat’s ass about otherwise. When baseball teams play 150+ games per season, each individual game doesn’t feel that important.


First, anyone who pulls for Dallas automatically has their opinion discounted as they have already shown they are bad at making decisions.

Second, I don’t think the TBI issue drives folks away so much as the way the NFL handled it; lump that in with the other scandals the past few years from spousal abuse to deflating game balls. When Roger Goodell makes a stand on deflating game balls but turns his back on abuse he can go fuck himself.


I think there’s 8 too many teams in the NFL. There’s not enough great players to go around (particularly QB’s) so you always have dumpster teams and it also dilutes the league overall with the spread of stars. Really all the major sports feel like they have too many franchises and would benefit if a quarter of them were culled. Never going to happen of course, but I think it’s weakened the sports somewhat. Considering how wealthy all professional athletes are now and how popular the sports are, there’s alot of guys that can’t really play drawing paychecks.


I’ve been done with the NFL.


Which teams would you delete? Besides the Ohio teams?


At least one California and one NY team could disappear. One Florida team. One Ohio team. I would say a Texas team could go, but that might be bias on my part.

I do think there are too many teams, but eight too many might be a bit much.


You could get rid of a Florida team or two.


If I am being honest, though, I would like to see Mexico, Canada and the U.K. get their own NFL teams.


*8 teams? one per division would be my thought
AFC East- Miami, save on travel cost too
AFC North- Cleve
AFC South- Houston, Move Deshaun Watson to Jax, retire JJ, man is just too injury prone and turn Texas back to Cowboyland
AFC West- LA Chargers
NFC East DC should be PC, no more Redskins
NFC North- Detroit
NFC South - Carolina, move Cam to Tampa,
NFC West-Arizona


Jacksonville, Houston, Buffalo, Tampa, Chargers, Jets, Cincinnati and Tennessee. Teams that have continually proven to be unable to put together a decent ongoing team.

Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys should be part of that list but I think they’ve got the history to deserve to stay.

Basketball should get rid of Charlotte, Sacramento, Atlanta, Orlando, Brooklyn, Memphis and the Clippers.

Not going to happen but they’ve clearly diluted the sports with too many franchises and it’s lessened the products.


I can agree with that list, except Cleveland. They’ve been historically terrible since the 60s. I can see an argument for keeping Houston and Tampa, though.


the current cleveland team should never have been. Their franchise moved and the current team is only famous for its ineptitude.
I kept Buffalo for biased reason but it does make sense to remove Miami for geographical reasons. I kept Jax I think the defense is going to keep them relevant and they get a QB from one of the other teams and they can be dominant. I would say Jets but it is too much fun to belittle them, just ask @njerry or @alx


I think one team per state feels right, and lots of states are too small to support a team.


Texas and California would be the exceptions I could see for the one team per state rule. Those are huge states with multiple big sports markets. But for California, at least, keep it to one in NorCal and one to SoCal and no more. Still I could get behind axing those teams you listed.


there are 21 states who have NFL teams. I would put an extra one in NY, Penn and Cal. that gets you to 24 teams.

and Buffalo stays. any more talk of removing Buffalo and you will have the Bills Mafia come down on top of you.


Y’all know I have valid reasons for despising the Raiders - wherever they are - and hope their ownership comes down with terminal scurvy. Los Angeles just plain does not deserve a team, they only have them because they’re trendy. L.A. is a soccer town in deep denial.

Las Vegas needs a team. North of the city, away from the Strip. Change the whole traffic pattern. They get the Chargers. Rams go back to St. Louis. You leave home once and break everybody’s hearts, you just go back and stay with your new friends!

And I could get behind a few Purge Seasons. Lose the season, bye-bye! Talk about motivation!


You’re getting rid of the Cardinals and the Panthers - two great franchises. And the Lions, while not great they have a tremendous history. And the Redskins!

Granted the Redskins and Lions are as shitty as the Bills.

If the NFL split into 2 leagues, 16 teams in the Premier league, 16 teams in the second, you could have teams playing not to be relegated, teams playing to rise up, and it’d allow for year round football (one league plays September thru January, the other February thru June). No way the owners would go for it, but it’d be interesting. Each team plays the others in the league once, top 8 go into the playoffs.


I got rid of the Lions mostly because I am biased towards all things detroit due to the Avs-Wings rivalry in the late 90s. I got rid of Carolina because they were just sold so instead of installing new ownership, i just shut it down. They are an example of your issue with not enough good QBs to go around. What do they have once you remove Cam? put Cam on a team that just needs a QB. You could do the same thing with Matthew Stafford as well.


The NFL should just break up all the teams and have a massive re-draft.