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The NFL Thread!!!!!


The owners seem to be vile people. I think when Brady and Rogers go so too will a chunk of the fanbase. I’m really hoping the NBA continues to expand and capture football fans - they know how to treat their players and how to make a great product.


i am not so sure. I believe that the “average” NFL fan, according to the owners, is the same kind of person who elected Trump. So they think they are protecting their fanbase and not aggravating them by showing protesting players.

The NFL owners are also the biggest group of old boys. There is no fresh blood there. Even when the club changing hands, like Carolina, it gets sold to rich white man who was a minority owner of another team. They are the most out of touch owners in the country who think their status as the #1 sport in the US allows to them to remain at status quo. They seem to more concerned with keeping the fans they have rather than trying to recruit new ones. That reminds of the old phrase “if you are not moving forward, you are falling behind”.

Which means they are not vile just clueless.


Wait, are you talking about the comic book industry?


Clueless + rich = Big Evil Carrot.

Wish the purchase of Panthers had gone to Diddy Coombs and his group; that would have been a thing of beauty.

This decision seems wishy-washy enough that there’s going to be a lot of debate.


I just think this new rule is ridiculously short sighted. There’s a case going on with Kaepernick trying to prove owners colluded to keep him out of the NFL because of his protests so the NFL and the owners in all their wisdom decide this is the perfect time to put in place a new rule that will punish players for protesting. It’s basically them admitting they want nothing to do with those protests and will find anyway they can to get rid of it.

So yeah, clueless is putting it mildly. I hope this comes back to bite them in the ass.


It’ll lose them fans. They can cling on to fat white old people all they want, but that’s a shrinking demographic.

It’s stupid to raise this issue and keep it alive when it was pretty much done. This is just the owners reminding the players who’s boss.


I disagree. I am with Don on this one.

The average NFL fan IS the racist mouth-breather who despised the kneeling. Those were the fans they needed to worry about losing. It is no coincidence that bitching about the kneeling players is what turned Trump’s approval rating around when it seemed like it would forever stay in the toilet.

It is, to be frank, a vile league on every level. But we’re addicted to it.


I think they blame the kneeling for last years lower ratings but I don’t think it had anything to do with it. I don’t think the NFL is much of a partisan sport:


I’m with Jim, I don’t think there’s much partisanship in the NFL fan community. Plenty of fans on both sides of the aisle. It’s just a shit league that seems intent on reminding people it’s a shit league more and more. The fact that they can’t see how bad of a look it is for a group of old billionaire white men to vote to silence black players when it comes to protesting racial injustice in America…well I don’t really know what else there is to say about it at this point.


I wouldn’t be surprised if players find another way to protest without kneeling. I could see a raised fist or arms crossed the chest.


The Wakanda Salute. Obvious.


Was it the kneeling that caused ratings drops or the slow but building lack of interest from upcoming generations and disgust at how the NFL have tried to cover the massive amount of TBIs?

Probably a little bit of each. But i think it’s more so the latter than the former. The former just got more headlines.


The whole football culture is slowly coming to light. Behind-the-scene stories, player and management/ownership behavior off the field (and on the news), medical and psychological issues, and the deep, malignant toxic male mind-set of far too many players and fans is incrementally being exposed. The NFL is not too big to fail; the NFL is too big to succeed.


Yeah, that is a massive problem compared to the protest response. I think some of the scandals in College Football and sports in general are contributors as well.


You had posted an article upthread some time ago that outlined very well the causes of the NFL ratings decline.


I don’t recall that but if I posted it I’m sure it was incredibly informative. To be more than fair to those dipshits that run the NFL, I think the TBI issue and kneeling issue are just two of the problems.

I’ve read a couple of articles showing a decline in ratings when popular teams and players don’t do well, and more importantly that non-national level popular teams like Tennessee and KC don’t drive ratings when they’re good.
Also, there’s so much more to do, more media to consume and more options available than just watching a game on TV. Live games will get ratings but only so much.


Especially when you’re really watching commercials with a little football on the side.


I’m not sure if it was part of the article Todd mentioned, but I remember us also talking about how the NFL should get rid of Thursday night football. Watching some football on a lazy Sunday is one thing, but now they Sunday night games and Monday night games and Thursday night games. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Add in all the concussion/CTE stuff, their insanely slow response to condemning domestic abuse, and plenty of other dumbass policies they have and it’s pretty easy to see why they’re in decline.


I think the quality of the actual games, the playing and officiating, has gone downhill. And the race for competitive balance has created a lot of mediocrity when a sports league is healthier with an elite upper class.

There is still interest in the league, and I think it will increase with sports gambling becoming legal and more accessible, but I think a lot of people have migrated to the Red Zone channel instead of watching the actual games.


I can’t find the article but from memory (and I may be misremembering), the reasons were:

  • Kneeling/protests
  • Concussions
  • Lack of star quarterbacks
  • Thursday and Sunday night games
  • Two Los Angeles teams