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The NFL Thread!!!!!


He’d be a good fit.


I don’t think he is. The Broncos are most likely getting the Kubiak coached Keenum instead of Pat Shurmur coached Keenum. Last year Keenum was great. He went to the NFC championship game and had 98.3 QB rating under Shurmur. Under Kubiak, who is a senior advisor for the Broncos, Keenum was 0-8 and had a 78 QB rating. The only thing I like is it is a 2 year deal which means they probably will still draft a QB.


The bigger game is being able to use draft picks with folks thinking the Broncos finally got themselves some sort of QB. Wheels within wheels here, and Elway does like playing the game. Somehow Lynch is still the back-up QB. How does that happen?



HA, Bills just signed McCarron. McCarron will be in the Pats division just not with the Pats.





Draft tomorrow… and we will see who gets who.

I like that Saquon Barkely guy as a pass receiver to pick up 5-8 yards in the field but whether he can run up the middle week in and week out for yardage remains to be seen.

There is a lot of hype over the QBs but time will tell in the years to come who did well and who came off like bandits…


I’m interested to see if Shaquem Griffin gets picked up. He should, he is a very good linebacker despite his disability.


A good link to the draft by round:




No better form of patriotism than contractual obligation.


Just looking for that. The Washington Post had a really muddled article I didn’t want to post.

Insert meme: Tom Hanks: “There is no kneeling in football!”


So teams have to keep playing until the end of the game.


I think I might be done with the NFL. They’re just a crap organization with absurd policies.


Except at the start of every play? Okay maybe technically it’s a ‘crouch’. :smile:


To be fair Kirk Cousins deserved a fine for this kneel.

This might be a premonition of things to come.

And this is the reason I get a lot of grief from opposing players. I never honour the knee and always go for the ball.