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The NFL Thread!!!!!


I dedicate this tune to Super Bowl LII.


I watched this morning, due to time differences it started just after I dropped the kids off at school. It was an excellent game, I’d watch more NFL if the timing worked better (it’s mostly on in the middle of the night). In some ways not as dramatic as last year but far more attacking and bold.

As a casual follower though the ‘catch’ law seems very sketchy and complicated. Even with slow motion replays the commentators didn’t seem to have any idea how they would adjudicate (both the US broadcasters and the team of experts that SKY TV lined up in their studio).


I have a hunch I caught most of the crap games this season. All the fights, blown calls, dozens of flags, interceptions up the wazoo, and so it became like watching some bozo form of football. One thing about SB52, I think there were maybe three or four flags. The game was not being shoved back and forth across the field due to penalties. As I said, a fun game.


The process of the catch rule is maybe the worst rule in professional sports right now. I think there’s a good chance they revisit it this off-season and try to simplify and fix it.


Don’t get me started on that @Miqque.


my worry is that in trying to fix it, they will move farther away from simplifying it. Committees never simplify anything. I loved last night when someone from ESPN was commenting on the last Philly TD and kept repeating “he took 4 steps! How can that not be a catch?”


That’s pretty much what I was yelling while watching it. But yeah, it’s a legit concern that they’ll manage to make the rule worse.


In fairness it gets complicated. Is it a catch if the ball is moving in your arms? Is it a catch if you drop it when you hit the ground? Is it a catch if a fumble if it bounces out of your hands when you’re tackled?

Establishing the moment of a catch is very difficult, and it’s more than just getting a hand or both hands on the ball. It’s understandable why it’s so complex and I’m not sure how they resolve it.


You were meant to yell. That was the announcers ramping up the drama. In any other game they say it’s a catch immediately and make small talk waiting for the call. Collinsworth did a great job of getting the audience engaged which is really the announcers goal.



yeah, yeah - “you’re”.



There’s no real reporting in the story at all. It’s just pure speculation and clickbait.







Much as I love seeing Jerry lose I hate seeing Godell win. I wish they could take each other out.