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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Fantastic touchdown


If the Eagles pull out an underdog win, there’s going to a be a riot in Philadelphia tonight.

If the Eagles blow this lead, there’s going to a riot in Philadelphia tonight.

Either way, police horses are going to be eaten alive by crazed mobs.


In other words, a typical Sunday in Philadelphia.


Brady has remembered he has a Gronk.


If the Eagles win now we’ll never hear the end of that call from the Pats fans.


Yeah, they’re so picky with those calls I’m shocked they actually let them keep that touchdown.


By the wording of the rules it wasn’t a catch despite the fact that the ball was caught.


Man, this shit’s going down to the wire.

If anyone can pull out a :13 TD it’s NE…


And let the excuses and moaning begin…


That was unexpected - a fun game, fun half-time and decent commercials.

How 'bout that.

Watch out for them Eagles when they get their other QB back.


I hope the outcome of the Super Bowl makes @KalmanL feel a bit better. :slight_smile:


I don’t think you’re getting much of that - it was a fair game and the Eagles won it. I thought the crew did a good job.

Robert will be bummed that my predictive powers are working.


I kinda hope there’s a Philadelphia left in the morning!


Maybe I missed a crucial play but moaning about what? There didn’t seem to be anything controversial in there. Maybe some of the catch stuff was borderline but that’s par for the course with the modern NFL. Chris Collinsworth is a hack who just tries to start stuff.

The only thing I really disn’t like is that this is the second straight game in which Patriots skills players were headhunted and taken out of the game. I find that to be cheap and dirty, but the rules allow it, and it’s not like the Patriots had trouble moving the ball even without Cooks. But it’s part of the reason I’m phasing football out of my life too.

Otherwise that was a pretty good game. The Eagles were extremely well coached and never made any costly errors.


What do the Eagles do at QB now? Crazy situation.

Also without Cooks and Edelman Brady was still one pass away from a win. Next year should give him one more great chance.


Hell of a game. I was annoyed that Collinsworth wouldn’t shut up about those Eagles touchdowns. No one enjoys the process of the catch rule, but I thought those were both pretty clear catches even by that standard.


This was an unbelievable win. Great game. Great win. Tears were running down my face.

But the real reason the Pats lost? Because Brady chose to wear this bullshit, in public:


But that’s my point and the reason why @Jim I think some Patriots fans will have already begun whinging.

The first reviewed td was clearly a catch, at no point does the ball hit the turf, in any other setting (including by dictionary definition) it is a catch. But that isn’t how the nfl rules define a catch and despite the empirical evidence otherwise it shouldn’t have been a td. After the initial grab the ball bobbles and comes loose, as the player struggles to control the ball it slips between his elbow and body, clearly not being gripped at all at one point. At exactly the same moment the player steps out of bounds and tumbled into a cameraman regaining full control of the ball as he does so.
By the letter of the rules, and due to phrases like “process of the catch”. “Maintained control” and “possession” he didn’t complete the catch and didn’t score.
Personally I’m glad common sense won out and that it was ruled a catch but many of the fanatical won’t see it that way.
Hopefully the redefinition of catch will get rid of any doubt and these sort of issues will go away.


When they send these things up for review, I think they just flip a coin at the NFL HQ.


Who UN-greases the light poles?