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The NFL Thread!!!!!


For good reason? Do tell. If you’re talking about the rep of the fan base, yeah, maybe… but a lot of that is just overblown. There are other fan bases are just as bad, if not worse. Don’t get me wrong…the Philly fan base deserves a lot of our reputation, but I’ve been to a Bills game, and I will say that they put Philly fans to shame. Seriously…their tailgating is like something out of Caligula. Skins fans on game day are no picnic, either. Don’t even get me started on Oakland. North Carolina fans were aggressively horrible when they were winning and awesome, and have since reverted back to only paying attention to college ball, as only the most annoying bandwagon fans do. And Pats fans are fucking unbearable. They’re the Trump-voters of the NFL… they can rationalize anything their guys do because " how can we be wrong if we keep winning?" Also, their goddamn accents…

I also think you’re overestimating how much people “appreciate” New England. I’d bet any amount of money substantially more people in America are pulling for the underdog than they are for the guys who keep winning, even if this underdog is not particularly well liked. It’s not a whole lot of fun, nor is it very interesting, to root for Goliath over David…especially when this particular Goliath has as tainted a recent history as the Pats. The narrative of a journeyman backup QB going up against a guy who has already won five times is engaging and interesting. Nobody in a million years would have predicted that Nick friggin Foles would be throwing in the he Super Bowl this year. The f he wins, it will probably be one of the biggest upsets in the NFL since I’ve been alive. That’s a better story than “guy who won five times wins again.”

Also, Brady has a MAGA hat, so fuck him. Also, coach no-emotion wrote a "golly-gee, you’re awesome " letter to McPresident, so fuck him, too.

There’s no disputing that Brady is the best, Bellichick is the best, yadda yadda, respect the skill, whatever. But seriously…fuck that team. Even if I weren’t an Eagles fan, I’d be screaming loudly at the TV for NE to lose, badly. If the Cowboys were playing instead of Philly, I’d be a Cowboys fan for a day, god help me.

Pardon my profanity. It’s a big day for me.


Take it easy everyone…

I don’t gamble but this point spread thing can be tricky. Imagine winning and losing money by half a point…

Also some offices have an office pool about the game. Usually the winner is the guy in the office who doesn’t really need the money. Oh well.

I have a few light snacks to munch on. I just want a well played game


My Philly born wife just read my comment, and she’s yelling at me for saying that if the Cowboys were playing the Pats, I’d root for the Cowboys.

She’s really pissed at me.

Go Eagles



You’re right, how could people possibly not root for Phili fans?


Pennsylvania (along with Wisconsin and Michigan) literally put Donald Trump in the White House.


Nuke 'em from orbit. Only way to be sure.


Not Philly, though. They voted for Clinton 82%, Trump only got about 15%.


My whole extended family is from central/eastern PA and that is hardcore Trump country, and the region is solidly Philly sports fans (although Penn State is beyond sports and like a religion there). I even grew up a Phillies fan because of my dad, before defecting to Red Sox as a late teen.


If you think Boston fans are any better, please send me some of whatever you’re drinking.


To be fair, 39 percent just want the Pats to lose, while 37 percent want the Eagles to win.


I’m sure the New York Post is fair and balanced in all things Patriots and Eagles. :smile:


I quite like the Red Sox. Does that help?


Just a few fun bets so far. Will likely do some player props closer to kick off.



It appears the refs aren’t calling holds.



How do you miss an extra point in a Superbowl?? Come’on!


How do you miss a 26 yard field goal in a Superbowl?? Come’on!


How do you drop an easy catch in the Super Bowl!


Though the Patriots just got a little taste of that medicine.


I hope Brady was watching that… he could learn something.