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The NFL Thread!!!!!



Anyone making a pick?

For me the Pats should have lost the last 2 Superbowls, both opponents making dumb mistakes that handed them the game. They didn’t face anyone substantial in the playoffs and their conference is dogshit. And in the regular season they didn’t play many good teams (and should have lost to the Steelers). I don’t think they’re a very good team, and I think they’re not hungry for a win considering they’ve won recently and their legend is already secure.

Meanwhile Phili have some great weapons, a hell of a defense and a coach who did an amazing job. Plus they’re really playing with energy.

So it feels like Phili will win, and I think that’ll be the case unless they find a way to screw up and hand the Pats the game.


All the stats seem to be with the Patriots, so, of course I go with the underdog Eagles.

We had eagles - the real, bald kind, national symbol and such - show up near Fort Collins, which is close to me! They apparently like to eat some geese that attempt to fly by, while some hunters try to shoot selfsame geese. Why the geese don’t take the train at this point, I dunno. But the hunters cannot shoot the eagles (oh, that would so very bad around here!). Usually, the eagles are clever enough to avoid the hunters. There are red hawks and such, too, and those stop off on the power lines across the street. It’s been a while since we’ve seen so many eagles. I’ll take it as an omen.

I may analyze football a bit different from some.



While I have no skin in this game, I’m hoping the Eagles win.


Haven’t really watched NFL because of Colin Kaepernick. i just wanna say: FUCK TOM BRADY!


It’s ok dude. We all wanna fuck Tom Brady. He’s an attractive man.


He’s no @Will, though.


I’m feeling pretty excited that Jim picked the Eagles right now.


…I picked the Pats the last two years.

Seriously my game picking mojo suffered with that fucking Tyree catch. I know Brady’s pain.


You also picked Hillary…

The mood in New England seems pretty chill. I think it is silly that people hate the Patriots and their fans but to some extent I get it, as the team has been to the SB so many times that it is no longer special like it once was. I don’t really care because it’s always fun, but it is what it is. I’m older too. We’re going to a massive party tomorrow, and we all genuinely think this is the last one for the Brady/Belichick Patriots win or lose. (I honestly have no prediction in me…the Eagles and Patriots are both pretty good teams)

For all the talk about how the Patriots have made New England into football country, I still think it’s baseball country. I’ve been here for Patriots Superbowls and Red Sox World Series, and the whole place is just humming for the Sox in a way that it never quite achieves with the Patriots.

The Celtics and Bruins, despite their historical success, will always be cult teams that pick up a few bandwagoners in good years. Of course when either of those teams go on a run it’s the BEST if you’re part of the cult, like you’re in on a big awesome secret.

Anyway, Go Pats. I hope they win.


I think a lot of the hate for the Patriots is, because of their success, they have come to represent “The Establishment”. Many people prefer to root for the “underdog”.


For me it is reminiscent of the Schumacher - Ferrari era of F1. A successful team with a bit of a poster boy front man / leader quickly becomes very tedious. It then makes it very easy to root against them and celebrate each and every instance of them not being successful.

I certainly appreciate that as an organisation the Patriots are fantastic at player development etc and the coaching staff are great at making adjustments and responding to game situations. There are also players within the organisation, past and present, that I am a fan of.

I refuse to make a prediction or a pick as they never play out. I am, however, looking forward to some bland NFL play calling which is functional and does the job. I’m also looking forward to the snacks I have bought.


I can understand wanting a team like the Eagles to win since they’ve never won before. I can understand not liking overbearing Patriots fans, too - it’s the same with Alabama fans. One may not like it, but you have to appreciate it.
To not like the Patriots because they win all the time is foolish. It’s just dumb.
Their coaching is better, their internal systems are better, they’re a better run organization and they’ve become an elite team when the goal of the league is parity. The win despite the league front office and rules set in place.


Despite the fact that 3 of Brady’s 5 Super Bowls were as much to do with the other team screwing the pooch (or the Pats getting a ridiculously favorable call that allowed them to advance…I’m looking you you Tuck Rule), they still are a team that takes advantage of every mistake. So I can’t bet against them. I’ll be rooting for the Eagles, but I won’t believe they can win until the clock reaches zero and they have more points than the Patriots. Brady and that coaching staff are just too good at this shit. Maybe once McDaniels and co. leave this offseason the Pats will get a little less good and other teams will have a shot at winning.



I will, as with last year’s Superb Owl, be fully supporting the defence while also being enthusiastic about the play of the fullbacks.


The Denver local news knows what “New England” means, right?


Yep. “Those dinky states on the upper right of the map”.

We remain bitter about the Broncos.


She did get the most votes…

I don’t believe that map for a second. Most people hate Philadelphia (for good reason). I think lots of people appreciate the greatness of New England. It’s truly an amazing run, we might never see the like again.