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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Yes. Football. Go google it. You’ll be surprised to see they have two teams that played this year.


New York, LA, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Seattle and maybe Miami. If that’s not the XFL list then I don’t know what they’re thinking.

They’re probably shaking down places to get they to buy a franchise, but there’s not many places looking to fund a risky sports franchise.


See my edit.


San Antonio, Portland, Austin, Birmingham, Raleigh, Memphis would work, too.


I like how you put Birmingham in. The trouble with those markets is it’ll limit TV money.


Birmingham is a shithole but they’ve had teams before and are big enough to sustain one. Personally I’d rather see Chattanooga or Mobile get one.

As far as TV money, I think they can make the appeal similar to college football. Doesn’t matter where you live, someone there loves Alabama and Ohio State.


These teams though will have no base connection or loyalty. Only those markets will have someone to root for, unless they sign up some NFL has been. They’ll have to heavily market stars in the making, but the trouble is they’ll be mostly NFL rejects.


Don’t shit on my dreams, Jim.


XFL shouldn’t be your dream. XXXFL maybe should.


He can’t help himself as he has admitted in the Politics Thread:


I take a XXFL, usually an XXFLT.


The XFL gets credit for that sky cam.

The NFL still uses it to this day.





Eh, the NFL should do away with Thursday night football. It’s diluted the brand. Football is for Sunday morning/afternoon and Monday Nights.


I wonder if, now that Fox has locked up these rights at tremendous cost, if Fox News will cease their endless litany of knocking the NFL.


They can get rid of Sunday night as well.


After punishing your body on a Sunday and having to do it again only 4 days later. Not good


Probably up on YouTube soon, but for US folks: