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The NFL Thread!!!!!


I’m surprised no one posted about the return of the XFL. I hope they succeed this time as a spring-summer league.


Help me out with this one. USFL was the one where the Big Evil Carrot owned a team? And that failed. Then there was arena football - was that Jon Bon Jovi? Which is the XFL? What’s the deal?

(Other than I see the collapse of the NFL in a decade, now that they are no longer tax-exempt.)


XFL is the league McMahon started with NBC in 01. Folded after a season but doomed from the start as they had no time to prepare and practice before the season started. The games were bad but a few guys transitioned to the NFL like Tommy Maddox and Rod Smart.


Right! Yeah - right in through there I’d just moved States and was busy with just about everything but sports. (Baseball is not a sport. Baseball is a need.) No wonder i missed most of it, paying only attention to some of the financial details. I do think this is a prime time to start a move for a new style of football. Just the concussion protocol is changing the game dramatically!

(And Howdy to M. and Bucky!)


And an ironic PS - no sooner did I ask you, but the local yokel sportscaster ran a story on it. You’re more reliable!


I wonder if the window for another football league has passed. The NFL has been in ratings decline. The public awareness of concussions has altered the perception of the sport.

It will definitely be an uphill battle.


College football ratings are spiking.


Thing is after the NFL season I am tired of football and more football is not the answer imho


Nothing I read from this relaunch of the XFL makes me think it’ll find success this time around. McMahon seemed to have very few details other than “the players should stand for the national anthem” and wanting to speed up the game. End of the day the best players will still be over in the NFL. I’m not sure there’s enough room for another league. College football is an established entity with an easier path to building and maintaining a fanbase and the NFL is the NFL.


I think the XFL will be heavily populated by players cut from the NFL. For them, this may be their last chance to play. College players not selected by the NFL may also play in the XFL. Honestly, I don’t really think they will get quality players.

Any new players that do show potential (which may be few and far between) will jump to the NFL if a decent offer is made.


They could undercut the NFL by offering contracts to college players regardless of age, similar to the NBA and college basketball. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do this and if I were a college player with aspirations I’d do that in a heart beat. Make my own money with a shot at the NFL instead of making money for the NCAA.


It’s actually somewhat unusual on the global view how little pro football there is in the US.

There’s 50 states and 32 teams. So a lot of people have nothing near them. In the English Premier League they have two teams, Liverpool and Everton and their grounds are a 15 minute walk apart from each other and they sell out 40-53k seats each every week and keep expanding. Their turnover is massive.

It is hard starting anything new as sport plays so much on traditions but by any demographic measure there’s unlimited scope for more American football. Not necessarily to usurp the NFL but make money if managed properly.


College and in some places high school football is massive, I wouldn’t look at just the NFL.


I don’t see XFL working. College is fantastic, best it’s been in years. NFL is boring as shit but still a juggernaut. XFL will offer shitty football without the NFL showcase. Football isn’t a great spectator sport in the most part, and they’ll have no Fantasy Football to drive interest. No-one’s going to be loyal to any of the new teams and the rosters is going to be guys who couldn’t hack it in the NFL. I really don’t think we want to see Kaepernick vs RG3 vs Tebow vs Johnny Football. And honestly I don’t know if those guys want to do it either. Add in Mahon’s thinly disguised politics (no social protests, no criminal records) and it just feels like C grade football in a market that’s liking professional football less and less. The TV networks aren’t going to pay much for that - not when they’re pumping March Madness, spring training and hockey & basketball.

There’s is a gap in sports from February thru May (till the Hockey and NBA playoffs start), but I don’t think XFL will work. 15 years ago football was on the rise, today it’s kind of disgusting to watch. Unless they incorporate wrestling storylines and script the games (you can’t make it more violent - that way you just break your workforce) this feels like another lesser arena football.

I kinda hate McMahon so I’ll be glad if he loses $100 million over this.


I’m not overly confident in it but I’d love to see the XFL succeed. If anything to give smaller markets an opportunity; I hope they mostly go into cities that used to have or don’t have an NFL presence.


I think they’ll go to major metros that can deliver 20k fans for each game. Smaller places already have college to entertain them. It’ll be interesting to see if he sticks to just the south rather than the north.


L.A. doesn’t even have a team.


You’re right, it has two.


In MLB (Baseball) but not NFL.
EDIT: I didn’t remember the Rams moving back to LA; I would have thought I would have remembered it; same goes for the Charger’s relocation from San Diego.


It’s true that they didn’t for a while, but there’s the LA Chargers and the LA Rams now…