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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Well, now there’s no reason for me to watch the SuperBowl. Other than the commercials.


And you will be able to watch them on YouTube, probably even before the game.


The Philly defense is going to have to play the game of their lives if the Eagles are going to beat The Patriots. Because as well as Foles has played since Wentz went out, I don’t believe for a second he can go toe-to-toe with Brady for 60 minutes on the biggest stage there is.


I am surprised the Patriots are so heavily favored, although I think that will drop a bit as the game gets closer.

Maybe it’s just because I watch the Patriots almost every week but this Patriots team doesn’t feel as good as some past ones. The Eagles are really good too. I think a Philly rout is a realistic outcome, in fact.


Eagles D is a turnover machine. Their pass rush is absurd, so QBs make stupid decisions is the face of pressure, and that results in an INT or fumble. Brady has an insanely quick release, which is worrisome. Linebackers are gonna have to show up and assist more in the pass defense to mitigate that.

I think it’s going to be a great game. I look forward to Brady getting pounded into the dirt by Cox, Graham, and Barnett. If Foles can keep his shit together and somehow wins this thing, it will be a pretty epic story. That guy had/has such potential, and it sucked watching him go from being so highly valued to a benchwarmer in the space of a couple of years. Now he’s going to the Super Bowl on the strength of two pretty great, high-pressure games. If he wins, he’ll be legendary.


When you’re lead by a QB and coach combo that’s going to their 8th Super Bowl against a back-up QB how can they not be heavy favorites. Brady wasn’t even 100% and didn’t have Gronk half of the AFC championship game, but they still won. Give them two weeks of rest and prep time and it’s hard to bet against them. They might not be the best Pats team to make it to the Super Bowl, but I just find it hard to believe that they lose it.

I’m still pissed we didn’t get Brady vs Brees, though.


They’re going against a backup QB who had a much better game than Brady did on Sunday,( against a harder opponent) and against a defense that gives quarterbacks fever-nightmares. The Pats should be favored, but not heavily. It’s going to be game management versus playmakers. Game management wins on paper, but any given Sunday, and all that…


@njerry and @alx:


From a statistical standpoint, the Vikings were the top defense in terms of points scored against. The Jags were #2. But the Jags were also a top 5 scoring offense. The Vikings were #10. So I don’t think it’s fair to say that the Vikings were a tougher opponent. What we had was 4 of the best teams, statistically, going up against one another. Except that the Vikings defense from the regular season really didn’t show up in the post season. They got trounced in 6 of the 8 quarters of post season football they played and the Vikings only won last week because of a defensively blunder by the Saints.

I’m not saying the Eagles can’t win. But you can’t discount the experience of the Pats in this situation. They know how to win Super Bowls. After last year’s insane comeback I just can’t bet against Brady when he’s going up against a team that hasn’t faced the Super Bowl spotlight before. I hope I’m wrong, though. I don’t want to ever see Brady win another Super Bowl. Guy needs to retire and spend time with his beautiful wife and kids and give others a chance at glory.


Yeah, the Pats seem to never panic when they fall behind. Like it’s part of their plan. Even yesterday there was never the belief that the Pats wouldn’t come back, just enough to win. It seems to be their way with difficult opponents, fall behind, have them play conservatively in the second half, let their defense tire, and then pick them apart in the 4th with all the weaknesses you’ve identified over the course of the game. It’s quite incredible to watch unfold. I’d call it rope a dope except I don’t think it’s planned that they fall behind, it’s just the reality that they’re not as talented a team as most of their opponents, they just find a way to beat them when they need to.

It’ll clearly be a good close game, and the Eagles are no joke. The Pats will put up 20 points because their offense will find holes (their offensive weapons is the greatest bunch of rag tag weirdos I’ve ever seen, they look like they belong in Lord of the Rings). So can the Eagles put up 24?

I’m happy whoever wins. Two of my oldest best friends live in Phili and i’d be delighted for them. And if Brady wins that’d be great too (though he already has his GOAT status locked up for generations to come).


I think it will come down to turnovers, which is why I think the stats should favor the Pats. Brady rarely makes stupid decisions, and I expect turnovers from NE will be minimal.

The Eagles have to play tougher and just grind them into the dirt to win. Pressure Brady at every opportunity, and when you hit him, hit the old bastard hard, rattle his perfect teeth. His strength is in his release, so keep the secondary in tight coverage for that extra second or two to let the line instill some terror. And even then…it’s Brady, so he’ll probably pull off some miracle. And, of course, the refs will forget to call a head butt penalty or two…


Hit Brady has been the game tactic for every single Pats game over the last few years. This narrative that Brady gets ‘rattled’ when he’s hit. And so the Pats run 2 second release schemes, or hand offs to tiny running backs who run under the legs of the defense and they chew up yards. Going after Brady works in the first half, but in the second that commitment continues and the Pats figure out where the coverage is weak to make that happen. Single coverage on Gronk. No-one covering Hogan. White and Lewis running around the edges. Everyone forgetting Amendola.

They’re really missing Edleman this year. Honestly they shouldn’t have gotten this far without him as he’s such a special part of what makes their offense work. I’m surprised they didn’t find someone who could take his role. Were he playing I don’t think the game would be that close.


When I say “pressure him” what I’m really saying is “beat the shit out of him.” Hit him so hard his MAGA hat feels it.


We’re all crying here over in the U.S. over this hilarious wreck, post-NFC championship game…


My local news just ran this clip six times in a row.

Denver likes Phillie fans!


Philly is crazy with sports. I live two hours away and I always say Philly fans hate their own teams more than the opposition. Of course, they party harder than most when there’s something to celebrate.


Hope we get a sequel to this:


Done deal as of this morning’s reports.


Unfortunately, the thought process that hitting the Pats and Brady hard is only a short-term solution. Gronk was missed, Brady was pissed, but as much as I can’t hack that team, they handle pressure better than ANYONE. The Jags ran out of gas trying to punish everyone in sight and they sure did put on some mean licks, but it was no better then if they were spending all afternoon whacking tackling dummies. In the end, dummies take the abuse and keep standing. I’m not calling the Pats dummies, they’re the exact opposite, but you can only rattle them so much. It’s like Rothlisberger said, “The Patriots are a team of adults. We’re not.”


I don’t like the Pats, but I admit that they are a well prepared team with a lot of SB experience and poise. They’re didn’t panic last year when they were behind.
They should win but I hope to be wrong :grinning: