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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Hopefully they don’t win because they took a cheap shot on Gronk like that.


This is a great game. New England never really gets it easy, even though it tells like they do. This feels like a last possession game.


There they go. As predicted. Little over 8 minutes left. It’s gonna get mean.


What did I predict?

(Not breaking my arm patting myself on the back. It may be the first time I’m right this year!)


Just wish I was able to watch that, the game tracker on made it seem pretty exciting. A tense time for patriots fans no doubt.


I think I sensed more relief than excitement, really. And, yeah, I watched most of the baseball season on


I think once the Jags were stopped in the first half and the game was only 14-10 it felt like the Pats would do wat they needed in the 4th. They always adjust brilliantly in the 2nd half and in the 4th when the opposition defense looks gassed the Pats are sharper than any other quarter. They’re conditioned brilliantly. To come back with no Gronk, no real receivers of note on their roster is just exceptional.

8 Super Bowl appearances is a hell of a thing.


Yeah, the Jags needed to be up by at least 2 or 3 touchdowns going into the half. But basically handing the Pats that drive at the end of the half on 3 stupid penalties (which actually started during the Jags drive with their dumb delay of game) let the Pats go into halftime with just enough momentum. And, though I hate them, no team makes better 2nd half adjustments than the Pats.


Again just from watching the stats go up there was a clear adjustment to Leonard Fornette(sp?)’s first down running. Almost every drive becoming 2nd & 11. There was a faint glimmer of hope after the Jags recovered the Pats fumble and another one later on after the Pats go ahead td but the penalties and Pats adjustments stalled the drives.


The penalties were the killer - easy yards that shakes a defenses confidence. I’d blame them on being new to that stage and having nerves - no-one wants to blow their defensive coverage but it really gave away the game. Hopefully for Jacksonville they leRn from this and become an AFC championship threat for the next few years.


That Interception!


Actually, it’s 10.

The Patriots will be making their 10th Super Bowl appearance, the most of any NFL team.


8 for Brady.




Back ‘n’ forth - fun game, so far.


Impressive for him and the team.


I don’t see the Vikings coming back from this one.

@KalmanL must be very happy right about now.


Except I’m nervous about the Birds going up against Brady. Though if our Defense plays as well as they did tonight, it might not be such a big deal. Schwartz needs to buckle down on how he trains the next two weeks.


Eagles all the way. With Jenkins and Cox leading that D, we’ve got this locked up.


I think Schwartz needs to incorporate Mills and Robinson having man-to-man coverage more into plays defending against the throwing game.