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The NFL Thread!!!!!


I also think they didn’t take Jacksonville that seriously and looked past them to the Pats.

We’ll see


Good morning, Antonio.


That was a bizarre game. I’ve never been 100% sure that Mike Tomlin is a good coach and now I am 100% sure that he isn’t.

Anyway, I’m relieved the Steelers are out but I think Jacksonville is very good and could absolutely win in Foxboro. Thankfully for the Patriots, it looks like the Steelers gave a bunch of examples of what works against the Jags and also what doesn’t, so the Patriots coaching staff will have a lot to work with.


The Steelers onside kick call was a terrible one. Can’t understand that.

As for next week, I’d never trust a team that gives up 42 points. If the Pats can’t plan to beat this team I’ll be stunned.

Right now I’m on the edge of my seat to see if Brees can pull off the comeback.


That Saints defender made the worst attempt at a defensive play imaginable. Dude had one job and blew it hard.

I’m officially out on the rest of the playoffs and Super Bowl, though. Tired of the Patriots and I don’t believe any of the teams left have what it takes to beat Brady.


I came in around 2 minutes left in the Saints/Vikings game.

That was an incredible 2 minutes.


Sorry Brees lost but that was a goddamn football game.



I’m gutted for Brees. Felt like this was his last Super Bowl run. I can’t believe they lost - I’d been rooting for that comeback all evening and danced with Finn when they got the go ahead field goal. Then I went to practice typing words with him and came back to see the highlights and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

It feels like the Saints, Falcons and Steelers all had a win in the palm of their hands and blew it. Amazing.

Quite the collector quarterbacks next week. If the Pats can’t navigate another ring out of this I’d be surprised.


I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Jaguars since Wembley. I’m not sure why so many fans, and teams, are so surprised by them. They are a great example of why the draft system works. Hey have spent the last few years languishing at the bottom of the league but acquiring great players due to draft position and now all the pieces are falling into place. I also find it interesting that despite everything they have stuck with Bortles and that decision has actually given him the opportunity to improve and grow as a player while other teams are so willing to dump a young qb after a single poor season.



Some Steelers did not take the Jags seriously even tweeting before the game about taking on the Pats.

Now, one upset is understandable, but to upset the Pats won’t be easy as Belichick prepares his team well.

In short, it is a tall order to pull a huge upset twice in row.

I would LOVE to be wrong on this.


Steelers gave the game away in the first with a slow start. Jags nailed 'em early, and from there it was catch-up.

Somehow I think time of day played heavy into two contests. If the time frames had flipped, the results my have been different. Like, maybe the Steelers would not have hit snooze a bunch of times.


Slow starts are one thing. They gave the game away with the onside kick and not having faith that their D could get a stop.

I’m still gutted for Brees. I was so hoping he’d go against Brady in the Superbowl.


That choice - horrible bad. The announcers were saying they had not made one since 2007 and fourteen failed attempts? Well, don’t do that!

The Vikings had a lot of fun. My buddy Kris always loved the “Vikes”. Hope wherever he is he saw that game. (Oh, he’s not dead. Just vanished into the world somewhere.)


Step Right Up! Place ya Bets! We only accept MillarCoin.

Pats over Jags by 2 - likely contested.

Vikings over Eagles somehow. This is gonna be rude. I like it.


I still like the Jags for the upset.


This comment is not me commenting on the game. Not after what happened last time I did that.
I will just sit here quietly…


It’s a great start for the Jags, but I’ll probably still assume the Pats win until there’s a minute left in the game and they’re down by 3 touchdowns.


Well… the Jags do have possession again.


I think NE is hanging back to nail Jax in the second half.


That’s vital! Looks like Gronkowski is out with a helmet-rattler. Yeah, that was a smack. If he’s out, advantage Jax.