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The NFL Thread!!!!!


My wife is a Titans fan, just before we went to bed last night I told her the score of the Chiefs Titans game (21-3 chiefs). She looked a bit downhearted then made some whip about still being better than the Ravens.
Imagine my surprise seeing the final score this morning when I got up.
Not only that but my social media feeds being inundated with Mariota highlights, firstly the great (and very un-qb like) block that he threw in what was going to be a tfl situation. Secondly the Farve like pass to himself which surpassed Farve’s by becoming a td pass to himself!


The Refs made a terrible call during that KC/Titans game that screwed KC. I’m no Chiefs fan, but it was a terrible call that had a HUGE impact on the game.


I was wondering how many touchdowns KC was going to have to make before they got one that stuck.

Where folks accuse the Patriots of getting breaks, I think this game was totally called in Tennessee’s favor.


That’s the main thing that prevents me from being a huge sports fan: The human error and bias of the officials. It’s not just football, but the calling of fouls in basketball, and the strike zone in baseball.

It’s frustrating when the refs show obvious bias in favor of certain teams and players. And umpires that can’t keep a consistent strike zone.


You can’t be up 21-3 at halftime and lose 22-21 and blame the refs. They didn’t suddenly change allegiance at halftime. Kansas City shit the bed. Again. They’re Spud in Trainspotting.

The Buffalo/Jacksonville game was hard to watch. College is a better display of skill. If this is what NFL has to offer as a product no wonder it’s losing the market. It’s a shite product.


The Drew Brees clinic is restoring my faith in football.


NO secondary is on fire, too.


That’s true. KC lost that game despite the Titans not playing a very good game. It’s still a shame that it wasn’t a very well officiated game. Even former NFL officials were calling out that crew for the job they did.

Right now I’m rooting for Brees to find a way back to the Super Bowl. If I’m going to be subjected to another Patriots Super Bowl, at least finally give me the dream match-up of Brady vs. Brees.


So the Saints beat the Panthers 31-26…

That Carolina guy who dropped the ball in the endzone early in the game that would have been the first TD is going to live with that drop all off season long. It would have set the tone early in the game and maybe things would have been different.

Have to catch that ball especially in the playoffs. It is what they pay you for…


The Saints looked professional, the Panthers looked like a bunch of rich high school kids in fancy unis.

Overall, this season I have not been very entertained by the quality of play nor the officiating.

The Packers have a new GM. We’re going to see a lot of similar changes.



Even though everyone I speak to has the falcons winning tonight, something tells me the Eagles take it. I’m having a fair sized bet on Philly +3 on the handicap market.


I’m hoping for a bit of an upset in the other game but it’d be a long shot.


Boo! Boo this man!

I reckon the favorites win both games.


If Mariota can connect with himself for a few more TD’s it could go the way of the underdog.



So… are we all Jacksonville fans tonight?


Who can resist the Bortles hype train??


I tried to be a Tennessee fan yesterday, but no. That did not work out.


I think the Steelers slept in past their alarm.