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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Cue Sly and the Family Stone: “It’s A Family Affair”.

Better believe Peyton has a piece of the pie somewhere. Why not Eli?

Actually, I think they’ll nab Brees if he’s available. Sometimes it takes a mature hand when herding Broncos.


I’d take Brees over Eli any day.


That would be my choice, too, Chris. I think the Broncos did so well on defense because Von Miller knew Peyton would get up from being in a cast to kick his ass. They had almost no respect for Lynch or Seimien, and only a limited tolerance for Osweiler. It’s change the team or change QBs.


What are you smoking to suggest Brees would leave New Orleans? He means more to that team than almost any other player means to their team in the league (maybe JJ Watt is his equal).

The fact that the Broncos are dumping all their current QB’s, the fact that they had to grab Manning and couldn’t develop a dependable starter for the decade since Elway left on their own, the fact that Elway himself won as little as he did pretty much tells me they don’t have a culture of success with developing talent. The problem isn’t with the players, it’s with their system.

Some franchises just lose, are built to lose and don’t have cultures to make a successful organization. We can see this in the Cowboys who just screw up year after year. We see the opposite in the teams that repeatedly make the playoffs every year, with different rosters and key players. These franchises are just a cut above, and Denver isn’t on the list.


What you seem to be describing is the NFL in general, a lot going on with owners, GMs, front office - all the stuff that’s about the team but maybe not so much about playing the game. The Raiders I despise for that exact reason. (I find the Davis family owes me money from 'way back when I was a Los Angeles homeowner and taxpayer!) The Broncos seem a little - schizy. Like they get (as a group) enamoured of something, and can’t let it go. They have purchased some castles in the sky, some for a high price indeed!

It’s scuttlebutt from the local team coverage that brought up Brees. Fellow named Mike Klis, in particular.

And I’m smoking the last of the 2017 Dank Commander, a strain retired in November; replaced by something new. Want details?


I want you to pass the dutchie dude.


Any time. But - you know that!




Of course they are going to say that. the original story makes some sense. Belichick has always been big on the shipping players out before they get too old. Kraft is starting to meddle in football matters with his order to trade Garappolo which he hasn’t before. Someone on ESPN mentioned that Kraft is a investor in TB12 which would suggest he is taking Brady’s side for business reasons rather than football issues which Belichick wants to focus on.


Eh, this seems like a who cares story. The Patriots are still winning and have a great chance of winning it all again this year. They’ve all worked together long enough to be professional and do their jobs even if they aren’t super best friends.


This story is crap. Brady is up for MVP this year and there’s a suggestion they want to trade him? Dude hasn’t shown that he’s slowing down yet. And Jimmy G had to be traded as his contract is up at the end of the season and the Pats weren’t going to spend $20 mil on a backup QB. Just like they’re not going to trade a MVP QB. The story is stupid, but it will give the Pats the ‘us against the world’ fire they use for playoff runs.


Yeah the timing of the story on the cusp of the playoffs is hilarious. Brady, Belichick, and Kraft are all getting pretty old for their respective jobs. No shit it’s about to end.


the thing that intrigues me is Kraft and Brady may be starting to focus more on business and what was called sympathetic support("He’s Tom Brady. he can do anything) and less on football matters. If Tom Brady keeps playing, his “Method” will be seen as very effective and cause people to buy it, enriching the trainer, Brady, and Kraft.
Belichick wants to win, he had prepped Garappolo to take over and viewed Brady as he had all those those previous Stars that had gotten old.

good for them. aging players need all the motivation they can get :rofl:


I actually think the plan heading into the season was to trade Brady to the Niners so be could finish his career for his hometown team, but he screwed it up by being really good (until the last few weeks).


How many Superbowls have been won by old QB’s? It’s not a job that requires you to be young and super fit, it’s a job that requires brains first (something I think most teams miss). Old dude QB’s are usually successful, they don’t really need motivation or help. Honestly Brady’s age is meaningless so long as he’s protected. He’s not about to make a 20 yard run or scramble for a bootleg. He’s a pocket passer, and a great one.

I don’t know about that. I don’t know the the 49er’s would want him - what would you give up for Brady? A third round pick? For Tom I think he wants a) to keep winning and that wasn’t going to happen anywhere other than New England b) avoid getting hit so he doesn’t want a shit team with a bad line and b) cement his post career legacy and I think it’s cleaner to just play for one team. He’s not Manning, he wasn’t broken so New England wanted to dump him. I don’t buy in that anyone wanted to be traded. I do buy that the their timing on Jimmy G was wrong and they regretted that. Everyone thought Brady would be done by now when they drafted Jimmy, turns out they pulled the trigger a couple of years too early. And they’re too cheap to waste $40 million for a couple more years to ensure they have Jimmy for the next 10 years.


Beginning of the end and the pats falling at the first hurdle in the post season this year is only going to speed the process up.


Is Gruden the second coming?


No. Stupid Raiders.


PTI had a great discussion about how many coaches left (I know Gruden was pushed) after a Super Bowl win and never came back.
While the few who did return never quite managed the same success.