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The NFL Thread!!!!!


A friend and former teammate of mine is a children’s author. His big break in writing however came when he landed himself the job of nfl correspondent for The Mirror. Through that he got to go to all the games in London and interviewed some of his idols when the Rams became the first of the team’s to become a regular fixture here.

He once posted here asking Mr Millar for advise on script writing and inspiration.


So the Browns did it, you guys! 0-16! As a Raiders fan who watched a decade plus of a completely awful franchise, I can tell you it takes a truly special team to go 0-16. The plus side for Browns fans, if there are any left at this point, is that it can’t get any worse?


The Lions did it a few years ago…

Nowhere to go but up.


Well good luck to the UCLA quarterback who is due to go #1 in the draft.


annnnnnnnnnd the Denver Broncos season is over.

Finally, finally over.

Owie. Owieowieowie.

This game was also not worth the least of the injuries.

And Yay Browns! You showed true grit in just plain showing up today.


I’m sure this post will jinx things but the Ravens look like they might secure a post season berth. But probably not now that I’ve posted this.


Really? Surprise!


Yeah, the Texans ended their season with a wet thud.


Joe Flacco - elite quarterback. You shouldn’t have posted Chris! I’m happy for the Bills though.


What an ignominious end to Flacco’s season.


He’s had quite a polarising season. He got benched at the Wembley game which was an utter shit show.


Maybe the Ravens would consider signing Eli Manning…


Two rings compared to Flacco’s one…


Eli might go to the Cardinals if Fitzgerald doesn’t retire.


Super Bowl predicitons?

Looks like the Pats might take it again. They have home field etc.

I don’t know any in the NFC who can take them. Atlanta again?

Who knows? We’ll see…


I think we may see a shock defeat for the Patriots in the Divisional round possibly at the hands of the Jags.


I think the Steelers might get their revenge against the Pats. I don’t know if the Jags can make it - they should beat the Bills but I expect them to be outcoached by New England if they meet. Chiefs vs Titans is a toss up but I expect the winner to lose to either New England or Pittsburgh.

To me the NFC is wide open - I can see any of those six teams going on a run and making the Superbowl. I’m pulling for the Saints, and the Rams would be a great story too. Or the Vikings or Eagles would be nice. Or the Falcons getting back again. Honestly I like all the NFC teams, but Brees getting one more shot would be thrilling, and Brees vs Brady in the Superbowl would be a legendary matchup.


I’d like to see the Falcons back and I agree it would be great for the Rams to get there.
For me the Jags have been a real surprise this year, they just seem to be clicking really well and they have utilised the addition of Ted Ginn really well. Steelers haven’t really shown me anything outstanding and some key players are injured.


I’m kind of wondering if the Eagles have been lying doggo the last two games.

News conference with Elway and Vance Joseph a short bit ago. Looks like they’re keeping Vance, have Kubiak around (undefined title), and are probably (if I read Elway’s face right) booting all three current QBs. They look to offense and a key QB. And they’ll likely have many, many more “meetings”.


Eli to the Broncos maybe?