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The NFL Thread!!!!!


The game was close when the call happened. Would have put the bills ahead at the half and sports are largely games of momentum. I’m not really trying to say the Pats would have lost, but it was a terrible call at a crucial point that went in the Pats favor. My main point is that this is the NFL needlessly screwing with yet another game and playing into a narrative that the league is skewed towards certain teams. Whether it’s true or not, the NFL is shooting themselves in the foot with this stuff.


The world is populated with hundreds of millions of sports fans calling foul and bias on referees every day. Every one of them ignoring any inconsistencies if he calls it in favour of their teams. That’s sport. :smile:

(I personally doubt it happens much at all, refs may be influenced by the roars of home crowds and there are some studies to back that up but if a sport is found to be corrupt interest and therefore income collapses - see cycling who are desperately trying claw back support after they were found to be complicit in cheating).


Down with the Pats and down with the NFL who want them to win for ratings…

No way is Brady the goat or else Peyton Manning is the goat!!!

The Jets and Giants need QBs from the draft… time to rebuild



Name me another team that has benefited as much as the Patriots have from controversial calls and I will agree with you. Robert, the Tyree catch was not a reversed TD or a disputed catch so it is has nothing to do with any of these other catches. Even if the Helmet catch would have been a wrong call(and it wasn’t) 1 crime perpetrated against you doesn’t absolve you from any future crimes. The Reality is the Patriots are winning and I accept that but my original question brings into doubt whether they are a clean team so maybe you should accept that reality. BTW, Deflategate would not have happened if Patriots employees had not tampered with footballs and another employee of the NFL had complied with a simple request of his employer. Not to restart a old debate, but in simple terms, has anyone ever been asked by their employer been asked to do something by their employer that they disagreed with? that is all the Brady suspension came down to. he refused and was punished. A(request) + B(refusal) = C(suspension)


There are multiple youtube videos out there that showed all of the holding calls the Giants got away with on the helmet catch play, or at least there used to be. Eli was scrambling around for like 20 seconds while his line was holding all of the defenders, in some cases blatantly and right in front of the referees. I’m pretty indifferent to it but it was a big deal in Patriots fandom for a few years.


Every play in the nfl has blatant holding which doesn’t get called, it is, unfortunately, the nature of the beast.

Commentators even at times talk about how great a block a player made then show a replay which is contrary to the statement and shows a hold.

It doesn’t help that there is a very real difference on what is considered a hold by the o-line and what is considered a hold by a wr, hb or te blocking down field.

I have always been coached that anything off the chest plate is holding up to and including a hand resting on a shoulder. The obvious stuff is the grabbing and pulling especially to a player that is trying to disengage will always draw a flag but the less obvious stuff always seems to go unpunished in the nfl.


Add to the fact that by watching it on TV, we have in some cases a better view of the action and may see something a ref misses.


If my employer asked for my personal cell phone I’d tell them to fuck off.

The whole clean team narrative is just some destructive bullshit from bitter fans who can’t just accept the Pats are a great organization who draft well, train brilliantly, game plan and execute under pressure. To pin it down to cheating or a conspiracy is lunacy. It’s a conspiracy theory that belongs on the fringes of fandom (where I think this kind of thinking actually lives - it’s just internet trolls feeding it at this point).

Next we’ll be told LeBron is cheating his way to every NBA finals. Or Michael Jordon was a creation of David Stern. Or Gretzky had the refs on his payroll. Sometimes you should just man up and recognize greatness rather than baselessly attack it.


While I am certainly not a fan of the Patriots I am impressed by the way they train and develop players. The depth chart always seems to be full of unknowns but incredibly talented unknowns.
I do wonder if Brady would have been as good if he was with a different franchise. By good I mean, being given the opportunity and time he needed to develop into a household name


The Pats are like the Yankees of the NFL: the best college players all want to be a Patriot, so the team gets its pick of the litter; and their farm system seems to produce great rookies.


He won the Superbowl in his first year, and they didn’t win it on a historic defense. He’s just always been a great player. He was afforded the same opportunity as every other QB, he just worked harder than almost everyone else.

How does that match up with the draft? The top 300 players don’t get to pick. The Pats are clearly a better run organization than most of the NFL, but they’re not better simply because they get the best players.


You’re right, I forgot that football players (with rare exceptions) MUST go through the draft process, with the poorest-performing teams usually getting the first draft picks.


And the Broncos are playing like crazy to get that good draft pick!

I hear something like 16 head coaches are up for the firing squad come the 1st? Really?


Yeah I am more convinced that Brady would have been great without Belichick than I am Belichick would have been great without Brady.


But there was none of that “he was a 1st round pick so he has to play and he is going to be the saviour of the franchise” nonsense.
Correct me if i’m wrong but he got his start due to injury.
I have no doubt he worked hard and harder than most others. I mean he does have to make up for that stupid face.


I looked it up. He won his first Super Bowl in his second year as a pro, a year which saw him gain the starting role due to an injury to QB Drew Bledsoe


I remember his first game because he broke an 8 game parley I’d bet in Vegas that would have netter me $1300. From nowhere this guy suddenly was the talk of the NFL. Happens a few times with QB’s, but hardly any actually go deep in the playoffs, nevermind win.



Actually they should have cancelled that night game in Green Bay last week… WAY TOO COLD


Oh, pleeezze, Al. It was only two degrees warmer here and I was nice and toasty in my bedroom!


As a slight digression. I listened to an interview with Rob Williams yesterday, writer of Suicide Squad for DC and the latest Kingsman book. He has worked as a journalist and has done a lot of work writing about the NFL, including being flown to the US to interview leading players.

The interviewer on the 2000ad podcast asked why because he is very clearly Welsh and should be into rugby first, he said he loves that too, he just likes sports with a good degree of violence and big hits. :smile: