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The NFL Thread!!!!!


The “GOAT” and his team gets preferential treatment again. Steelers get TD taken away and subsequent pass interference call gets ignored leading to PATS winning the most important game of the year



Uh huh. Because clearly Godell wants the Patriots to get another ring. That’s top if his Christmas list.

My ass.

The ball moved in his hands in the process of completing the catch. That’s been the rule for years. Pittsburgh lost the game when Ben made a stupid pass to a guy covered by three defenders. Who passes to the middle of the field in 3rd and goal? It was a dumb play.


I hate hate hate the process of the catch rule and the Patriots, but I also can’t stand Big Ben and his decision to throw that ball where he threw it was dumb.

I still think process of the catch needs to go away, but I don’t think anything was rigged in favor of Brady today.


Yes, this. The call was fair and correct but the rule is something that should be looked at in the offseason. At some point the real-time eye test should be considered a factor on some of these catches. This has happened a few other times this year too.


I’m not sure the rule needs changed. If you fall to the ground in the process of making the catch and the ball hits the ground and bobbles in your hands it’s an incomplete pass. It really shouldn’t hit the ground at all. Every receiver knows this. The guy just landed on his elbow and couldn’t hang on. It was a sloppy landing and he should have known better.


Weirdest football season in years.

Anyone for cards?


I don’t have a dog in this fight so I’m not sure if the catch rule is good or bad. Does it become a factor quite often or is it more of a thing used in rare cases like Sunday’s game?



The only good thing I can say about yesterday’s games is that, since the Jets and Giants were both playing at 1pm, the torture only lasted 3.5 hours instead of the usual 7 hours.


I kept up with the Texans’ shit show through push notices on my phone. I think I made the right call.


The Ravens secondary continued to show its many weaknesses. I can’t quite understand why people are saying this is one of the best defences they’ve ever had.


If anyone is uncertain about pats relationship with the refs, watch the Fantasy show with Matthew Barry on ESPN. He has pictures to help you understand


I don’t really doubt that Brady, and thus The Patriots, get preferential treatment. Because star players always get special treatment in basically every major sport. I even remember last year while watching some hockey pregame stuff, the analysts were talking about Conner McDavid and whether or not he deserved the kind of treatment Sydney Crosby gets from the refs (and the league in general). I was pretty shocked to hear them talk about it not just so candidly, but so favorably. Like getting the star treatment was good for the sport. It was weird, but it is what it is. When you’re a proven winner and/or draw, you get special treatment. Whether its conscious or not. Same goes if you’re a player or team with a history of bad behavior, you’re gonna get treated more harshly, be scrutinized more by officials, than some player or team that doesn’t have that history.


You lose the benefit of the doubt I think. That’s not the worst thing. If you’re a dirty player and have built that reputation the league should pay closer attention to you.

And Matthew Berry is a fuckwit. If the league preferred Brady there’d be no deflategate.


We had games that were decided by a butt cheek, an index card and a micro-wiggle. Things are changing. Placement of the hands, or just exactly if the ball was in the catcher’s hands when he gets hit, or if he got hit just before, are moving into the Realm of the Replay.

The lawyers are salivating. First, they get to deal with all the taxes because the NFL is not exempt any more (watch them promptly make a bunch of money from dodges, tax shelters, unfulfilled contracts and the like). Then Oh Happy Lawyer Day! Intentional injuries? Oh so very much more profitable than ambulance chasing! Right there recorded, handy as can be. Owners sued for not properly training employees on how to avoid an impact injury. Lack of OSHA-approved safety equipment.

This mess is gonna remain a mess.


You keep saying the league while I am talking about the refs. Whether Berry is a fuckwit or not, dispute the incidents he shows.


So back to the NFL favoring the Patriots…it’s hard to argue against it after this week. Calling back Benjamin’s touchdown was complete bullshit and you could definitely argue it changed the complexion of the game. There’s a reason lot of people hate the Patriots and this is one of those reasons.


The Pats won the game by 3 touchdowns! Come on, if the game was close then there’d be a point, but it wasn’t remotely close. It’s as bad as the Deflategate nonsense. This is just Patriot hating.


The Patriots had a Superbowl and a perfect season taken away by officials (on the “helmet catch” play). I’m not crying foul on that play, but I think that absolves them from any claims of referee bias forever.

Although in general I side-eye those theories across the board. Peyton Manning got the bias allegations as well. The NBA is rife with referee bias allegations. While it is more logical for the NBA to have bias than the NFL, as the bigger markets earn the league MUCH more money than the small markets, I’ve never bought it.

With the NFL, what would be the incentive to favor the Patriots? The league prints money and the ratings are incredible no matter what teams are in the games. It doesn’t even make sense.