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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Only 12 out of 32 teams have a winning percentage (another 6 teams have a .500 record). That’s pretty bad.


Like I said, there’s only maybe a dozen good quarterbacks, and Brady, Brees, Rothlesberger, Smith & Flacco are all pretty old at this point. The play is bad and what’s carrying the league is mostly a bunch of players close to retirement. They’ve got a few new faces this year which is exciting (even if the players themselves seem pretty personality free) but this doesn’t look like a sport with a bunch of great new faces to carry it for the next decade. Whereas the NBA is getting all frothy about teenagers.


Well, at least Roger will get paid:




“Broncos Win!”


“Jets Fail To Score”.

Enjoyed Army/Navy game. Heard the Bills game was even more intense in a whiteout today. (How’s things where you are @rocket?)


Bad day to be a New York football fan.


I wasn’t going to mention what i saw happen to the Giants, but I saw what happened to the Giants. It’s okay - few and far between when GM and coach get canned same week. It was a relief to see the Broncos squeak out a win, same for the NY teams.


I am just not into the NFL this year.

I will catch the Super Bowl in Feb. but, all in all, it hasn’t been a good season.



His head bounced off the turf and then had that reaction? I would think an ambulance trip to the nearest hospital is the next step. Being cleared to resume playing? Major fundamental flaws at work here.

The League needs to come down heavy and make it clear the players health and safety are first and foremost.
Failure to do so is not an option if they want to be taken seriously.


Rochester is fine. We got less than a inch. I was surprised how hard it was coming down when I turned on the Bills game. I liked the Army/Navy game as well. Snow football is fun to watch from my couch. the Savage thing is unbelievable. The cynic in me says the 2 docs( one unaffiliated with the team) were 2 old buddies shooting the shit and completely missed the play. I saw O’Brien’s interview after he saw the video and said “there is no way I would have let him go out there”.




I was watching the game and it was clear that the announcing team were affected by it.

What got me was just how innocuous the incident appeared to be. I’ve spoken in the past about “old school” football practices and that appeared to be a case of text-book three points of contact blocking.

As a viewer the scariest thing was that he didn’t move at all once he was on the stretcher, usually they give a wave or whatever but Williams did nothing.

Also the commentators talking about his previous issues with spinal injuries/deformations didn’t help the situation.


True real tV can be uncompromising. I remember watching Jack Ruby snuff Oswald, right there in real time. I’ve seen lots of sports stuff. Even the rowdiest days helping out on the trauma teams it was all after the fact, we did not witness the actual injury. The few extreme events I’ve seen in life (more than most, less than some) have all been memorable. The closer or more involved one is, the more the intensity. What I learned long ago was to roll with the experience and let my brain go ahead and record things while body and mind go about doing whatever is necessary. This applied more to reacting to earthquakes and agitated patients, but also applies watching any extreme event.

(That’s where the “flashback” or “I keep seeing it like a movie” experience comes from - brain is collating.)


It isn’t nice. I watched a European Cup rugby match broadcast from France a few weeks back where their main playmaker clearly snapped his shin bone in half. Very rare to happen but really horrible with bits sticking out.

In the UK when serious injuries like that happen the TV crews pull back to a wide shot and away from the incident, show crowd pictures or the coaches. The bloody French ones kept replaying it over and over and it was turning my stomach, the British commentators using the host feed apologising they didn’t control the pictures.

I had to Google and glad to hear that in this Williams case it just seems to be a concussion and not as serious as first imagined.


The shot is up to whoever is in charge in the actual “booth” - hell, another thing I’ve got that probably went obsolete. Somebody decides, usually the director. Sometimes there are other issues and they stay on the shot. This one, for example, were wide shots with some overheads later. Didn’t dwell on much.

I’m undecided on this. I think show it live and buyer beware. We just can’t all be snowflakes. I’d rather such did not happen, but it does, and therefore one deals with it realistically and efficiently. Good time to see what’s happening on the weather channel.


I am aware. It’s why they apologised because it’s footage they pay to get but don’t really control. When NBC showed the London Olympics they don’t actually film the event, they are BBC pictures they talk over.

There are cultural variations on these things, maybe Brits are a little squeamish compared to the French but if you go to India they report news of road traffic accidents with pictures of the dead bodies. Almost all sports hold some inherent dangers, I have seen that shin split in soccer and an Australian cricketer died a year or so back when a ball hit him due to an ill fitted helmet. I personally don’t watch sport for that, even contact ones with violent exchanges like rugby or American football.

You can’t ignore it happened, you don’t need to replay it 6 times.


Right with you.

Also, fair acknowledging the broadcasters. They know the players, and those on the broadcast team. To report coolly under such circumstances is a sign of professionality.

Besides, in L.A. folks sometimes dive under their desks, and that’s only good sense!


In the Williams case I think they played the replay twice and then spent most of the time between with commercial breaks interspersed with a checking in shot of Williams and the medical team.


Vince, stick to wrestling: