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The NFL Thread!!!!!


@alx and @njerry:

But the Texans are sticking with Savage:



I bet 12 teams would trade for Eli in a heartbeat.


And the Texans would be one of them.


A review of ‘The American Football’ by a British journalist in 1929.

The fans were very smartly dressed and the cheerleaders were male.


Eli Manning has two Superbowls under his belt and set a shit-ton of team records for the Giants, but he’s slowed down this season. On the other hand, I remember Geno Smith’s time on the NY Jets team, and find it hard to believe he is the answer to the Giants’ prayers.


The Raiders less than stellar defense will probably make Geno look at least decent. Of course, they probably would have made Eli look amazing again.


Elis downward slope started when McAdoo arrived. And he doesn’t have his receivers this season. His benching is a disgrace, and I’m sure it won’t save McAdoo.


Crabtree is not a choir boy. that fight was a 2 way street. He just can’t handle dealing with good cover guys. :stuck_out_tongue:


Crabtree should have been punished too, for sure. They both acted like children. But Talib ripped the dude’s chain off last season too, the NFL did nothing. Then the very next time they play he does it again within minutes of the game starting. He was trying to instigate something. That’s why I think he should have gotten the harsher penalty. Doesn’t really matter, they both acted like idiots and screwed over their teams for petty shit.


Talib did not grab the chain until they were out of bounds and Crabtree was still blocking him. this time it was all Crabtree.
Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. had left the field the play before the confrontation. Harris said Crabtree punched him in the midsection the play before the fight.

"[Crabtree] didn’t come to play football – we came to play football,’’ Harris said. "He came to fight – we came to play football.’’

true and your team won so you came out on top in the end. btw, have you moved to Colo yet?


Fair point. Although I saw the play Harris was talking about and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary are far as run blocking goes. Honestly, I think they were both out there looking for a fight. And that’s on the NFL for not do a good job with consistent discipline. Not just for those two, but in general. Like I said, AJ Green didn’t get jack for what he did a couple weeks ago and that’s a problem.

And yeah, I’ve been out in Colorado for about a month now. Still getting my bearings and learning the area.




I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of changes after this weekend.

Thought I was watching Denver Junior High versus Miami Prep.


@alx and @njerry, is this a good thing?


How the hell could it not be a good thing?


From Twitter:

MarShawn had a notice that he had to provide a urine sample. He got out of interviews by saying had to to go give his “ding ding sauce”


Some pretty significant, and one possibly life-changing, injuries coming out of last nights game.

It was interesting to see that Burrfit can dish it out but can’t take it.


Its tough to get up when you have someone standing over you taunting you. I’m not excusing Burfict but that was a very stupid thing Shuster did. It was a good hit but a bad followthrough


Is it just me, or has there been a whole lot of really bad football this season?