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The NFL Thread!!!!!


I don’t think college football will take its place but their ratings have been on the incline.

Could be because in the NFL there are one or two great teams a lot of mediocre ones and a handful of terrible ones.
In college there are five great teams, ten really good ones and the majority of the rest are often competitive.


The great thing with college football is the variety. Teams are actually different from one another and devise really interesting ways of getting the most out of the talent they have. Triple option offences, wildcat offences etc.
The nfl experiments with their own variation on these things, especially if a team in in a “transitional” phase but otherwise they run or pass from a pretty uniform offensive setup.

I have always enjoyed college ball more than pro-ball and will always choose to watch college ball over nfl football. (Except a Ravens game).

Yesterday we saw the #2 team in the rankings defeated, quite convincingly, by an unranked team.

While I agree with the “any given Sunday…” philosophy of football games it is less likely for these kinds of upsets to happen in the nfl.


Medicine and good sense may well reduce and change the landscape of sports. Now, I see soccer as maintaining dominance. All that’s needed, really, is a few people, a ball and something to use as a goal. NFL football is elitist, and very few succeed. It’s damned dangerous. Horse racing is damned dangerous, too - what with falls, being kicked in the head and losing.

I see a gradual change, except for the NFL. Who has dug into the fiscal history of the NFL? How in blazes were they tax-exempt until this year? Cui bono? I’m also concerned about the “football player mentality”. These are the ones not allowed to be interviewed. They get yelled at a lot by their coaches. They get penalties for breaking other players. And they do the same at home and show up on the news. These folks have to be differently vetted earlier in life.

I love baseball.


Just saw this today:


“Yew kids stop climbin’ that tree! Yew could fall down and hit yer heads! Now, git! Go play football!”


Five minutes into the Denver at Oakland game, three disqualifications (ejections) and a fairly major fight. Both teams are pissed, and they started off not liking each other. Go Broncos! Devastate nassty Raiders!


Noooooo! Owie! Owie! Owie!

Who? Really? Hmm. Oh, YEAH!

What a drought!


Two-game suspensions:


They both acted like a bunch of punk kids, so it’s not surprising. Sucks for both teams to lose star players for not being able to keep their personal shit off the field.

The real issue I have with the suspension is the inconsistency of it. This is a problem all professional sports leagues seem to have, they talk about cracking down but only seem to do so occasionally. You look at the AJ Green incident a couple weeks back. The NFL did nothing there, but then they throw down two game suspensions here. It’s poor form on their part.


Talib has a history of incidents like this and ejections resulting from them.

If anything I’m surprised his wasn’t harsher. I’m not sure Crabtree has been involved in many if any during his pro career.


I’m a little surprised they didn’t go a little harder on Talib too. Honestly, the NFL needs to take some blame for the incident because they didn’t crackdown on Talib last season when he did the exact same thing (ripping off Crabtree’s chain).


It may, however, have been the best ten minutes (pre- and post-fight) that I’ve seen from the Broncos this season. I appreciate Vance Joseph as a human, but, as a coach, he’s gotta go.


How do you coach when you have no quarterback? The lack of quality QB’s is killing the NFL. Games are unwatchable when you see a run for 2 yards, 2 missed passes and another punt. Part of the rating downfall is the game destroying itself by being too good.


I see the Broncos organization as constantly and consistently messing with their QBs heads. Who will start? Let’s have a meeting! Vance is meeting-happy. One simply cannot contain football players for five hours worth of “examination of the game” when they interpret it as a bitch session they did not quite understand, and were not allowed outside to play.

I feel an effective QB is team leader, captain, do what he says. As for the overall flaw in the NFL, I am quite sure it is overthinking. Hit a certain level of complexity, things fall apart. Ask the offensive guy who just got canned - all the players complained there was too much to follow in the heat of the game.

So they had some more meetings.

Now you see what I mean?


I think it’s simply that defenses have gotten so good receivers can’t get free like they used to and pockets fall apart in 3 seconds. These QB’s are really great at playing the position, been ding it all their lives, but they can’t play in the NFL. There must have been maybe a hundred starting QB’s over the past 4 years and maybe 12 are good enough to build a team around. That’s an impossible sport. And when some of those 12 get hurt your game is screwed.


Oh, yeah, I’m with that. I think you’re talking more NFL overall and I was more Bronco-specific. It’s another one of the little mini-circuses I keep an eye on. (Like the Dodgers when they were awful because they were owned by those horrible divorcing rich people who made everything toxic.) NFL also has troubles on the ownership levels. That’s another whole circus, complicated by the major, major tax changes.


DeShaun Watson looked like he was going to have a great season as QB for the Texans until an injury during practice took him out for the season.

He’s 22 so he still has time but it sucks for this year.

I’m wondering if JJ Watt will be able to play again. My father-in-law thinks he will retire.


And I so enjoyed Aaron Rogers snapping his clavicle. That was nice. Yeah, quite a few injuries. But, hey, we got Brock back. :nauseated_face:


I also think the NFL hasn’t helped itself by making some really confusing rules. Namely the “Process of the Catch” rule. It makes it almost impossible to be a receiver and quite frankly doesn’t make much sense to someone watching the game. Because its so loosely defined. No sport is fun when it starts being decided by the officials.


On another note…

I know it may be early to say, but it looks to be the Eagles and the Patriots for all the marbles in February.

I would take that matchup. How about you?