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The NFL Thread!!!!!


When my business partner and I get a proposal request from a client for a project that we really don’t want to get involved with, we will often increase our fees high enough that: a) the client gives the job to someone else; or b) we will make enough money to justify putting up with the client’s bullshit. I get the feeling Roger Goodell is doing the same thing here.



I watched a whole lot of really bad football yesterday, plus whatever it was that the Broncos were doing.



@alx and @njerry:


Gee, Todd, thanks SOOOOOO much for sharing that with me. :tired_face:


You’re welcome?



That reminds me of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones when Microsoft wanted to use ‘Start Me Up’ for the Windows 95 launch. They didn’t like to use their music for advertising, I’d only ever heard “Gimme Shelter” for one on a charity campaign for the homeless.

So he told his manager to quote the something outrageous like $11m and they came back and had so much money they said ‘yes’.



Outkick the Coverage has a good breakdown on low ratings and losses for the NFL. I’ve always thought the protest excuse was flimsy. I’m sure there are a handful of people not watching because of that but their issues are much deeper than that.


Great article.

I have seen a few articles over the last few years that the NFL has diluted their product with the various “nights”. Sunday day games and Monday Night Football are all you need.


Just woke up and I’m too bleary to read, but maybe all the terrible football I saw Sunday has something to do with it? I always get enthusiastic about 20-30 guys wandering about a field looking confused.


That is part of the problem.


You’d have loved my college team!


I think Fantasy Football was a bit help over the past few years, but it’s got impossible to play with all the injuries, and with teams changing strategies (RB isn’t a viable draft any more beyond 4-5 players). I’d played fantasy since 2001, but gave up on my league this year and wanted to give up on the last couple.

Add that to the ugliness of Bradygate and the general scumbagness of all the NFL owners (we should never know who the owners are in sports, NFL has a huge problem there). I think lots of people are slowly walking away, and that accelerates quickly once Rogers and Brady are gone. I won’t be sad to see football go to be honest, when we see all these stars start dying off in their 50’s or lose their minds we’ll have a huge sour taste from supporting this sport.


I sort of see what is being said here. The NFL will decline in the decades ahead or at least not be the huge juggernaut it once was.

Thing is what will take its place?


I can see a generational shift accelerating things. You will see a decline in the younger generations playing the game and following it.





It would have already. There were amazing eras with superteams in the past and still…