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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Things I Didn’t Know.

Trevor Seimiens’ nickname is Peter Parker.


Doing some 90’s comics reading and I love it when I come across these old school ads. Gets me nostalgic.



Huddle, Hell!

Where did the Broncos go?




Zach Miller Reportedly Undergoing ‘Urgent’ Vascular Surgery to Save Leg - Bleacher Report


It looked nasty but that is a whole other level of injury. It’s crazy to imagine suffering an injury that severe and still holding onto the football.


Some major injuries do not hurt that much, not right away. Sometimes there’s 5-15 seconds of dazed amazement that our limb has been ripped asunder, then we realize it, then it hurts.


This is a devastating injury on a whole other level. His career is effectively over; now it’s a matter of determining if his leg can be saved. Truly tragic.


We saw the last season with Dereck Carr, he said immediately that his leg was broken but you didn’t see/hear any indication of pain until a good few minutes later.

Miller has been one of those journeymen players who is well liked throughout the league by players and fans alike. He never quite hit the Gronk level of fandom but is a name many people know. Such a shame to see his career end this way.


Did a lot of trauma nursing, and nothing involved is ever much good. I hate seeing players injured, and football tends to have the most career-ending injuries.


Good news for Miller:


If collusion is there and can be proven in the courts, it will throw a monkey wrench in the collective bargaining agreement and so on…

Kaepernick… the plot thickens


Somehow - don’t know quite how yet - but I feel some sort of synchronicity with the Weinstein et alia sex charges, NFL shenanigans, and a couple other matters. Could we be coming to a watershed where we throw a whole bunch of rascals out?

Stay tuned!


I truly hope you’re right, Miqque.


Okay, the Eagles just picked up Von Miller and threw him about three yards back.


Giants are about to fall to a 1-7 record with an embarrassing home loss to the Rams. Luckily for me, MI5: Rogue Nation is playing on another channel.



If he’s that bothered he could sell the team…