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The NFL Thread!!!!!


I’m not usually one to gloat about the team’s I support winning games but I have a few friends who are vocal Cincinnati fans.

It would be rude not to rub a shut-out win in their faces.


This is fucking awesome:




I am surprised and at the same time relieved that we did not go crazy here in this thread about taking the knee last Sunday. It is what it is.

Still, I am shocked over the Giants losing with that 61 yard field goal by a rookie at the very last second


That topic is more appropriate to the Politics thread anyway.

Forget the Giants, I’m switching to a Jets fan for the rest of the season. Or at least until they lose badly next time.


Fucking Ravens…


So Jerry, you are going to ping pong between them every week? Jets will lose badly very soon and then the Giants wil fail and so on and so on


It’s the guaranteed way to back a successful team, dump any one that loses badly and move on. :smile:


I think Jerry will remain loyal to the city(NY) so i don’t think he will end up backing a successful team this season


As is tradition.


If (when) both teams tank, it will free me up to spend my Sundays outdoors. :slight_smile:


As a Bears fan I was freed up on Sunday before the season even began!


Not sure if this is better suited for this thread or the politics one, but I saw a hilarious story about a petition to have a Ray Lewis statue removed from outside the Raven’s stadium because he knelt with the team on Sunday. No one seemed to care about his involvement in a case involving two murders…but kneeling during the anthem is too much? This country cracks me up in the worst possible ways sometimes.


Here is an excerpt from Phil Mushnick’s article on the NFL, Lewis, and Kapaernik…

Vulgarity reigns as louts undermine NFL

It’s all a con, a one-way hustle.
Let the record show that the first two TDs scored by the Giants, this season, were followed by flags for vulgar behavior — rookie Evan Engram’s crotch grab, four-year man Odell Beckham’s dog urination mime — perhaps as per Roger Goodell’s offseason declaration that “spontaneous fun” is now officially good for the game.

It might have been three-for-three had an official recognized that Sterling Shepard’s TD skit was a continuation of Beckham’s. Sterling appeared to mime a dog pawing dirt to cover its feces.

These in-game acts were performed by college men. In Beckham’s case, he’s a post-college beneficiary of “mentoring” from former NFL WR Cris Carter, hired by FOX when ESPN dumped him shortly after he mentored NFL rookies on how to beat arrest raps by paying pals to take the fall.

Giants’ co-owner John Mara has been receiving customer complaints about Beckham’s insufferable behavior since 2015. Mara, a decent man, politely responded with promises to try to move Beckham in a more “mature” direction.

This week the Giants were walloped with complaints about Beckham’s worsening conduct. Again, Mara promised action.
Odell is sorry … for the penalty.

But following this week’s Mara-Beckham session, the latter seemed less than apologetic, admitting he has to better plan and time his spontaneous fun.

And if we’re to believe what they said is what they believe, Beckham, who ran up-field before giving a black-power salute after his second TD, received the support of his teammates, college men.

Marshawn Lynch, another who demands respect in exchange for none, sits during the anthem.

Lynch three times has been sanctioned for vulgar acts during games, twice for grabbing his crotch after TDs. That he has been so indulged by the NFL that he has not been suspended for his serial obscene behavior doesn’t deter him from demonstrating that he has better things to do than stand for the national anthem.

Although a FOX and CBS employee, Ray Lewis has been allowed to hit the sidelines to demonstrate. Sunday in London he joined the Ravens, the team he last played for in 2012, in kneeling during our national anthem before a game in London.

Lewis copped an obstruction of justice plea in the killing of two men — black men — before making a financial settlement with their families. Lewis then resumed his career compiling fines for remorselessly nailing opponents — mostly black men — with illegal head-shots, brutality he followed with blood dances.

Regardless, Lewis was selected to endorse NFL products in TV ads. And although he has never married but has six children from four women, he has been hired by three networks — ESPN went first — as an often indecipherable analyst who often tells us right from wrong.

So there was Ray Lewis on the sideline joining a protest against America. He claimed he went to both knees, and perhaps to England, to demonstrate he was praying.

Colin Kaepernick got this fad rolling. He’s now portrayed as a deep-thinking activist for social change — although he said he didn’t vote in the 2016 presidential election as a matter of choice, when he wasn’t even registered to vote.

Prior to the media anointing him a dignified commentator on race — another with one-way vision — Kaepernick could be seen, after throwing TD passes, kissing his biceps.

Of course, the NFL’s TV partners are too frightened to show or tell such indisputable truths. And that has been going on through administrations long before the undignified, childish presence of President Tweet.

Still, the players — Beckham claims he should be the highest-paid — often remind us that the NFL is a business. Agreed.

Thus it’s amazing to watch and hear so many well-paid employees try to destroy their business with a conspicuous, corrosive hustle that’s far too selective for fair-minded NFL consumers to suffer.


Well, he’s certainly angry about something… I’d say he is projecting.


I’d say he’s an asshole.


I was trying to be kind…


Why, man? WHY?


Mushnick is a sports media critic who rails against it all and sometimes gets it right.

He does go overboard at times but he does keep people honest.